February 13, 2018

5 Weeks Pregnancy Update

December 13th, 2017

How far along:
5 weeks

Baby is the size of:
Sesame Seed

Total weight gain:
Exactly the same as last week. Which is surprising, judging by the amount of cookies I ate.

Maternity Clothes?
That’ll be a while. 

Stretch Marks?
Hopefully getting away with none of those. 

Weird dreams, but overall sleeping better than usually. I even got to take a couple of naps this week which is unheard of, but I was sick, so it was much needed.

Best moment of the Week:
Our second beta came in with a whopping number of 406 (at 10 days past 5 day transfer). That’s about 100 more than I was with Fox a day later, so this is amazing. They wanted to see 260 or higher, so I was really happy with this number. I was a nervous wreck all day though, just waiting for that call to come in. We scheduled an ultrasound for next week, which is way sooner than we did with Fox and I’m not sure if we would even be able to see a heartbeat at that point, but I’m excited. 

Too early.

Food Cravings:
Do Cookies count? No pregnancy related food cravings though.

Belly Button in or out:

Still banking on boy. I told my friend the other day that I would be so shocked if it was a girl. 

Sore breasts and luckily nothing else. 

Anything Making you queasy or Sick?

Have you Started to Show yet?
Can’t wait for it!

What I miss:
This is probably super silly, but I’m not sleeping on my stomach anymore and I do miss that. I don’t even know if I could sleep on it, but I’m a little paranoid about it. 

What I'm looking forward to:
Our first ultrasound and telling Katie’s other parents this weekend!

What I'm not looking forward to:
I basically have a countdown in my head how many more days I will have until I start to feel like crap. If it’s anything like last time, I have exactly two weeks and while I didn’t handle it well last time, I can’t imagine how I will handle it with a child to take care of now. No more going to bed at 6:30pm, that’s for sure!

You can find Fox's 5 weeks Pregnancy Update HERE! 

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  1. Excited to follow along for the baby belly cuteness!


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