June 28, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 25

Day 169
Dinner and Escape the Room with these lovely ladies! We made it out in the nick of time!

Day 170
Our friend Marcela gifted us a summer full of Music lessons! She is taking the same class with her daughter and Miranda was happy to share all of her snacks with Fox. He wasn't too sure what to think about it. 

Day 171
Father's Day Dinner with my in-laws. We left Fox at home with Hannah for this one.

Day 172
We've been dealing with some health issues with Fox and took him to the doctor to get some answers. Fox took his doctor play set with him and our pediatrician was so sweet to play with him for a minute, which helped Fox with trusting him and being okay for the exam. 

Day 173
Can anyone guess who Fox's favorite Superhero is?

Day 174
Three years of foot print stepping stones in the making, I can't believe how much he grew. I might have to re-do the last one again, because I let the dough sit too long (because Fox was napping) before using it which caused it too crack. 

Day 175
Back at the doctor's office with another pediatrician.  This visit ended in a blood draw and stool collection, and Fox was not a happy camper about his first blood draw. It's been a few days and he still talks about how he didn't like the poke. Poor guy, I felt so terrible for him. 

June 22, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 24

Day 162
Splash Pad Fun

Day 163
Everyone gets a check up at our house these days! They all need to come in the "string circle", followed by Fox asking "What's the problem?", a check up, medicine and stickers for good behavior. 

Day 164
He is always the happiest when he is spending time with Grandpa!

Day 165
He will hate me for this picture later, won't he? He is doing so awesome at potty training and will tell us each and every time he has to go, no matter what he's doing (in this case, swimming). So proud of this dude. 

Day 166
We've been spending almost every night in the pool after work! We got Fox some floaties this year and he is enjoying his independence!

Day 167
Someone is ready to go back to Disneyland soon! We are going in October and I can't wait!

Day 168
Swim Lessons! He hasn't been enjoying the lessons lately, so we are thinking about getting him private lessons instead. There is a lot of diving in these classes, which he hates. 

June 19, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 23

Day 155
Katie, Ashlie and I took a long weekend trip to Chicago! I'll share more details if I ever find the time to get that post written! :)

Day 156
Sightseeing in the windy (and rainy) city!

Day 157
Kayaking on the Chicago River

Day 158
Riding the train in the mall is always a highlight for Mr. Fox

Day 159
Watching these two play makes my heart smile!

Day 160
This kid has no fear. He was hesitant at first, but squealed after a few minutes and had the biggest smile on his face, yelling "higher" and "again"! 

Day 161
His first time Rock Climbing! It didn't last long, but I was so proud of him for trying!

June 16, 2016

Fox's 2nd Birthday Party

Fox started playing soccer when he was 16 months old and instantly loved it. From there on out, it was soccer, soccer, soccer in our house, so we decided to celebrate his second birthday with a soccer party!

This was his invitation, front and back. 

I loved having his party at home last year and wanted to do the same this year, mainly because I wanted to have enough time to set up and decorate, but Katie really wanted to have it somewhere else, and in the end, I'm so glad we did just that, although they only gave me 20 minutes to set up, so I really had to cut back on decorations! 

The Party was at his Soccer Training Class Location and it worked out perfect.
I designed his birthday chalkboard myself and I'm still in love with his life-size photo cut out!

All of the pictures were taken by our photographer. It was such a relief to have her there and not have to worry about taking pictures, but instead to enjoy every moment of his party. So get ready for a lot of pictures! :)
They had a separate room for the food with tables and benches to eat, which worked great as well!

I designed all of the decorations, cupcake toppers, water bottle labels, etc. myself, which was a pain in the butt, but I love how they turned out and I'm pretty OCD when it comes to party planning and wanted everything to be just PERFECT!

Grandma Sandie made his cake, and just like last year, it was gorgeous and tasted delicious!

We had everyone sign this plate and it's now displayed in his playroom!

The party favors consisted of a reusable water bottle with the kids' initials on them and a soccer whistle inside.

Here comes the birthday boy!

You won't notice by looking at the pictures, but Fox didn't take a nap that day and he was very overwhelmed by everyone and the situation. He kept asking to go home, didn't want to participate and wanted to be carried. He got a little better after a while, but overall I don't think he enjoyed his party and we will probably have a smaller party next year.

The soccer place also provided a T-Shirt that everyone could sign for him.

The party consisted of a one hour soccer lesson for all the kids and while I was really nervous if all of the kids would like to play soccer (because there weren't any other toys to play with), it looked like everyone had a blast and all the moms I spoke with told me that their kids loved it. 

Warming up! Fox would not let go of his granola bar...ha!

All of us got Soccer Mom Shirts (well, Hannah got a Soccer Nanny Shirt) with Jones on the back and the number 2!

We tried to line up all the kids for a group shot, but some would not cooperate for the picture (and I have no idea what Fox is doing with his tongue there, we have about ten pictures like this and they are all the same)!

Most of the party guests, Katie's family had already left at that point. 

After the soccer class, they blew up a huge bounce house, which was the highlight for everyone. 

Fox kept doing somersaults over and over in there.

And then it was time to sing Happy Birthday!

We had prepared him for this moment and hyped it up and he was super excited when everyone sang for him and he could blow out the candles!

He didn't want to eat a piece of cake, he wanted to dig into the whole cake. It's his birthday after all, right?

We are so grateful for everyone who was able to celebrate our boy with us and made his day special. He is one loved boy!