July 31, 2017

Old friends

On this day, we met one of my college friends and two of her kids at the same park we had been to the day before. The last time I had seen her was in 2012 when we first started trying to have a baby and she only had one child back then, so it was awesome to see each other again, but this time with a lot more kids than before!
These two boys are about four months apart and we both tried for such a long time to have these kids via IUI and then eventually IVF (for me) and they are both little miracles. They got along so well and I loved seeing them play together.

Seriously the best kids place ever! They all played in these airplanes for over an hour, which gave us some time to catch up!

I seriously can't believe that we met 15 years ago and here we are, with 4 kids between us (obviously I have some catching up to do in the kid department...haha). 
It was seriously such a fun day catching up and we both wished that we lived closer to make this happen more often! Until next time...

July 26, 2017

Best Playground ever!

If you couldn't already tell, Fox had a blast in Germany, but this day was one of the best! My friends and family had told me about this place called "Irrland" and while I remembered being there many many years ago, they told me that they had expanded tremendously and it was kid paradise. And that it was.

Picture the biggest pumpkin patch (minus the pumpkins) you have ever seen...they had everything: Petting Zoos, Corn Mazes, Hay Bales, a giant structure with nothing but corn inside, another giant structure with oversize legos, slides, playgrounds, airplanes, mud areas, pools, splash pads, bounce houses, climbing structures, bikes, go-carts. We weren't even able to see everything, this place was huge! I wish we had something like this here! And it was only $6.50!

They had a few mazes there and we actually got very lost in one of them, it was huge!

This pad had water inside and all the kids loved wrestling on it, including Fox and my mom.

This was a giant sand pile with tons of those pipes that you could connect and then grab a hose and let water flow through it. Fox could've played there all day.

See him throwing the sand on himself? He seriously needed a bath every single day in Germany, he was so filthy and played hard everywhere we went. It was fun seeing him going from a "city kid" to a "country kid" in no time. 

Look at this! I've never seen anything like it, it was a giant hall filled with these lego blocks and kids were building huge houses and structures. So amazing!

Buried in corn

This structure made me a little nervous. There were tunnels everywhere, holes to fall in and it was impossible to track Fox once he disappeared inside. He had a blast though and he made it out in one piece! 
We left around 7pm and we probably only saw a quarter of what they had to offer. It was seriously the most amazing kids place I have ever been to and if we lived there, I would get a season pass for sure. We all had a great time!

Since Fox never went to bed before 11pm in Germany (we somehow got on a weird schedule, but I secretly loved it because we got to sleep in until 11 every morning as well!), we decided to take him to the local fair after we got back. It was a ten minute walk from my mom's house and he loved fishing for ducks and riding rides.

And if the day wasn't awesome enough, my mom picked up my favorite food after we got back from the fair! I had this exact meal probably five times while I was in Germany, it's the only food I miss from my home country and I'm obsessed. You can only get it at this one restaurant in our town and they make this special sauce (they don't give out the recipe, the sauce is what they are famous for) and it's so good! 

Finally asleep after a fun-filled day!

July 23, 2017

Blast from the Past

My parents would take me to this playground in the Netherlands when I was little and I remember it like it was yesterday. We even celebrated some birthdays there. 
After we searched for it for almost an hour (neither of us had been there for over 25 years), we finally found it!
I think my dad and brother had more fun than Fox!

It had finally cooled off a little and the weather couldn't have been better. 

This slide was super steep and fast and I was so proud of Fox for trying it. 

He loves being the center of attention...can you tell?

He was a little too short to ride one of these, so he decided to hang on instead.

He had so much fun, he didn't want to leave!

After we got back to our village, we visited my grandparents' grave and the church.

This is the house I grew up in (and now my aunt lives downstairs and brother lives upstairs). 

Mr. Attitude

Like every night, Fox helped Grandma water the flowers before bed!