December 17, 2014

Katie & Nadine in 2014: Week 50

Day 344
Aunt Ashlie is so proud that she taught him this little trick!

Day 345
I guess we are done with the bouncer...this little guy pulled himself right up, trying to escape nap time.

Day 346
We were finally able to move back into the rest of the house and got the Christmas decorations out!

Day 347
Baby Holiday Party with Fox's besties

Jake, Kristy, Katie & Fox

All the moms...I love our little group!

Day 348
We went to the German Christmas Market (which was totally lame) and then had dinner with Ashlie and Brad and looked at Christmas lights.

Day 349
Another project done...we had the inside of our front door painted!

Day 350
This picture means so much to me. For years, I was dreaming about having three stockings hanging from a mantel. And here we are!  I ordered these stocking this summer and I just love them. I  ordered two extra ones...just in case! ;)
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December 16, 2014

December 15, 2014

2014 Family Pictures

 Our photographer took these pictures a few days before Fox turned six months, so they are about a month old now, but since we used some of these for our Christmas card, I didn't want to post them earlier! :)



My dad was visiting during this time, so we took some with him and Fox as well. 















Fox thought the Santa hats were so funny, he kept cracking up every time he looked at us. 










Trying to eat the "O"! :)


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December 14, 2014

Fox | 30 weeks

 30 weeks old!


I just love this little sweater my grandma made for Fox!



It's safe to say that Mr. Fox is not too fond of Santa...I'm sure that will change  eventually.

Here comes the boo boo lip again!


We entered this picture in a holiday photo contest. So far, Fox is in the lead with the most votes, please take a moment and vote for him! You have to click HERE and then "like" his picture! Thanks! :)

 Feeding time is a disaster around any of your kids look like this after a meal? He's still not a fan of solids and has just started spraying his food out as soon as it touches his lips...Aunt Ashlie is pretty proud of herself, because she taught it to him!
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