February 14, 2019

My Valentines

This photoshoot will forever be remembered as the greatest shit show ever.
Usually Fox is very good with our photographer, especially since she only takes 10 minutes and is hilarious, I'm not sure what was up on this particular day, but he was bouncing of the walls.

You won't be able to tell, because as always, she still got some great shots, but man, it was a hell lot of work to get these.

These were Finn's first sitting pictures...how is he this big already?

My forever Valentines...crazy or not, they're mine and I love them more than anything! 

February 12, 2019

Finn | Week 26

Finn is 26 weeks old!

January 2018 vs. January 2019...a lot has changed but one thing that always remains is how grateful I am for our friendship!
First time in a shopping cart...at Hobby Lobby of course!

Finn's great-grandma joined us for Music class one day!

Sleeping Angel. He's been doing so great sleeping in his crib for naps since day 1, but for some reason he does not like it at night.

We joined some friends for a beautiful morning at the zoo. It was so nice to be outside and spend time with my friends, it fuels my soul!

Mr. Double Chin

My friend's daughter loved Finn, she was obsessed with him! It was so cute!

February 09, 2019

Finn | Week 25

Finn is 25 weeks old!

Morning cuddles!

He's always trying to eat his feet.

Finn had a playdate this week and he seemed to enjoy it!

Every morning when he first wakes up he will just lay there and talk and talk, it's so cute! I love listening to him.

A big milestone for Mr. Finn! He had his first solids...Peas!

He wasn't a fan and hasn't like anything we've given him since either. I hope he will learn to like more foods than his big brother did.

He always gets shy when I put him in front of the mirror, or in this case, when he can see himself in my camera.

This playdate was for Fox, but Finn had fun too!

February 06, 2019

Finn | Week 24

Finn is 24 weeks old!

And just like that, he's big enough to use his bath seat for the first time. Insert emotional Mama here.

He has been really rolling from back to tummy this week, and then he usually gets mad, because he can't roll back.

Cuddles with Big Brother

Another first this week: We retired the baby bassinet and put the toddler seat on the stroller. He loved it! Me...not so much! I'm having a hard time with this baby growing up!

Every morning, Finn and I wake up Fox together. Fox usually doesn't like to be woken up, but he doesn't mind it, when he realizes that Finn is in his bed and he can cuddle with him.

Not just a week of "firsts", but also a week of "lasts". Finn's last time at Baby Music Class, before he transitioned into the next age group. 

February 03, 2019

Finn | Week 23

Finn is 23 weeks old!

At music class!

His superpower works especially well in the middle of the night!

January 31, 2019

Finn | 5 Month Update

December 31st, 2018


25.5 inches

I took him to the doctor once this month because he had a lingering cough and I wanted to make sure his lungs sound okay and that he doesn't have an ear infection. He looked and sounded great, but I'm glad I took him in for the peace of mind.

Finny, Finnegan, Bubbas, Handsome, Beef, Big Beef, Honey

During the day, I still feed him every 2.5-3 hours, nights have been a shit show though. I don't know if this is the dreaded 4-month sleep regression or teething, but he screams and screams at night until I feed him, nothing else will calm him down. Some nights I feed him five times, I'm exhausted to say the least!

He still goes to bed around 7pm and usually wakes up around 6:30-7am. As mentioned above, nights have been hell. I don't even think he fully wakes up, his eyes are still closed but he just screams and screams. Of course people have already told me to do "cry it out", but I'm not ready for that. I'm kind of hoping that he has some teeth popping through soon and that this would explain it, but so far nothing. Please let this get better soon! This Mama is tired!

Size 2

3 Month and 6 Month Clothes

Just like his big brother, he loves getting attention...and if he doesn't, he will show you that he doesn't like it! He talks to us all the time now and I love listening to his coos. He has so much to say! He also started laughing out loud this month and it warms my heart.
Fox is his favorite person in the world and he loves to watch him and when Fox talks to him. He also still enjoys music class and seeing other babies.

Bath time, being carried, nursing, chewing on his hands and fingers, his big brother, his play mat, bouncer, singing, music class, rocking, smiling, getting attention, the song "Bells are ringing" and "You are my sunshine", the finger game "Wiggle to the left" that we learned at Music class, Sophie the Giraffe, Banana Toothbrush Teether, standing (while we hold him), kisses, swinging, playing with his feet

Tummy Time, not getting constant attention, naps...or sleep in general

I'm loving every minute of this baby stage and he lights up my world every single day! Not eating dairy anymore is still challenging for me. I'm hungry all the time and never know what to eat, so I end up eating the same stuff every single day. I guess the good part about that is the fact that I'm only 2lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm not really trying to lose weight and I eat dairy free ice cream and lots of carbs every day. The first thing I'll do after weaning Finn is to get a giant Cheese pizza from Costco...ha!

Seeing him love on his little brother is just about the best thing ever. The feeling is definitely mutual and nobody makes Finn smile like Fox does.

Fun things we did:
We had lots of fun adventures in December. Seeing Christmas lights, having playdates, celebrating Christmas, Music class and so much more. He is so easy going and just happy to be along for the ride. I can take him anywhere and he is just as chill as can be. 

What we’re looking forward to:
We don't have anything special planned this month, but I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun!