April 09, 2020

Finn | 19 Months

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April 06, 2020

February iPhone Dump

Who would've known that this would be our last month spending time with our friends for a long time?

At the beginning of February I went hiking with a friend. I haven't done a lot of hiking, but recently really started to enjoy it. 

The weather was gorgeous, we had a picnic at the top of the mountain and it was an amazing day.

Every time Grandma watches the boys, she gives them baths. Win - Win!

Finn has really developed into a Grandpa's boy and I love to see them bond.

Fox's friend had his 6th birthday party and while it wasn't my weekend with the kids, I asked Katie if I could pick up Fox to attend and he loved being able to go with just me. He had never bopped for apples but was very motivated by the lollipop everyone received afterwards. 

Seeing this picture makes me so sad. I miss these girls so much!

He was under the impression that he would get a lollipop every single time, so he kept on going until he realized that that wasn't the case.

Some nights he has a rough time going to sleep and just wants to hold my hand. And some nights he will slap my hand away and says "no"...haha.

Fox and I made him a Valentine's box for his celebration at school. He came up with the idea and design by himself and was very specific about how it should look. He was very proud when we were finished. 

Reading in Mama's bed.

He's such a sweet boy, I can't believe he is mine!

Grandpa and Fox worked on excavating some crystals out of rocks. I think grandpa worked harder than him.

One morning, we met my friend Becky and her kids for an impromptu Goodwill shopping spree. Our entire card was full at the end and we got tons of new books for the kids. 

We met up with Fox's old school friend and his family at Dave and Busters. The boys played lots of games, cashed their points for ring pops and afterwards we had dinner together, which was kind of crazy, but always fun. Talk about sugar high!

I loved these pictures of the statue of liberty and Abraham Lincoln that Fox made at school.

Little monkey

One afternoon we went to Legoland and it was basically dead there, which was awesome. Fox made a friend in the play structure and kept asking me to ask the boy's dad for their phone number so we could set up a playdate. I told him he needed to ask the dad himself and he did. I think the dad thought it was a little weird and he didn't give him his number, but I was proud of Fox for being brave.

It was late when we left Legoland and I was dreading making dinner, so I decided to be brave as well and took both boys to dinner all by myself. I don't think I have ever done that (besides going to In n Out). We went to the rainforest cafe and they both thought it was so cool, especially when they did their thunderstorm every fifteen minutes.

One of the last times at Baby Gym. Finn climbed this ladder all the way to the top by himself, I just spotted him.

Valentine's Day morning with my two handsome boys.

I was able to attend Fox's Valentine's party at school and I absolutely love that I don't have to miss these special events because I have to work.

I took the boys to Sprinkles cupcakes later that day and the line was out the door. I think it took us 20 minutes to get in, but looking at these faces, I think it was worth the wait.

While we were at Sprinkles, Fox kept talking about how he needed to check our mailbox when we got home and I kept wondering if he was expecting any mail and would be disappointed that there wasn't any for him. Turns out, he was planning a surprise for me and smuggled this letter into the mailbox.

Such a sweet boy!

Brunch and Games at Top Golf with these ladies!

Some of my friends brought the boys more Sprinkles cupcakes. They are hooked now.

When the big kids were still in school, two or three of my friends would come over on Thursday mornings with just the little kids and we would play in the yard and have lunch together. I always joked with them that we should all be sister wives and tag team all these kids, it was so much easier than handling it alone. Single Mama problems I guess...I must have forgotten how awesome it is to have a partner to help with the kids, especially at night. 

Grandpa Wes came over one day to fix some of my electrical issues that I had for years. It took him much longer than I anticipated, but I was so grateful that he was willing to do that for me and that I didn't have to hire anyone. Fox wanted to go up in the attic, but quickly changed his mind when he saw how dark it was up there.

My friend Trinidy invited us and another family for dinner. It had rained during the day and her backyard was flooded. The kids couldn't be stopped and they were all soaked at the end of the night. 

We had a fire to warm up and they were so filthy!

I saw this sign in a store and it cracked me up.

Finn has been really into Mickey Mouse lately and I'm glad I kept Fox's stuffed Mickey and Minnie, because he loves them.

It was a big day for this big kid. When I picked him up from school he said: "Mama, do you notice anything different about me?" He had been waiting for this day since he turned five and couldn't have been more excited.

The school nurse had given him this tooth necklace to keep his tooth safe.

Luckily the tooth fairy was ready to go!

When I tucked him into bed that night, he told me that he really wanted the tooth fairy to bring him a picture of herself holding a meteor. It was late, I was tired and there was no way in hell I could come up with that. I had posted the picture of him above on facebook earlier and commented about his request and how he will be disappointed in the morning. When I woke up the next morning, one of my facebook friends had sent me this picture that she had photoshopped just for Mr. Fox. How awesome is that? It totally made his entire day.

Fox's school hosted an outdoor movie night, so we picked up some take out, had a picnic and watched the secret life of pets 2. I didn't think either of the boys would sit through the movie, Fox doesn't like to watch movies and I didn't think Finn would have the attention span, but they both surprised me and watched the whole thing. It was such a great night, cuddled up with my boys watching a movie outside. 

Is this the sweetest smile you've ever seen or what?

Playing in grandma's garage 

I used to hate those long mornings in the car, where we had to wait 40 minutes for school to open when I had to pick up the kids from Katie's early in the morning. Now I miss them.