February 10, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 5

Day 29
The pickiest eater ever (besides me) tried Tri-Tip for the first time! I would've bet Katie one million dollars that he wouldn't try it, but when Katie ate dinner, he wanted to have a bite, and then proceeded to eat half of her meal! Who is this kid? After every bite, he would say "mmmm" and rub his belly, like it was the best thing ever!

Day 30
It was a beautiful day and we went to the Zoo! I spy three monkeys (one of them being Fox)! 

Day 31
We finally got our outdoor lights up (we only bought them in October...haha) and had a BBQ with the family outside.

Day 32
Mr. "I don't need naps" fell asleep in the car after we took him out of his crib because he was still wide awake, even though he had 90 minutes of "rest time". Typical. Mama enjoyed some quiet time with him in the car, waiting for him to wake up and starting to plan his second birthday party (I can't believe we're almost there! Eeks!).

Day 33
I had a super busy week at work, so after picking up Fox, we returned to the office, so I could get some more stuff done while he watched an episode of "Barney". 

Day 34
Fox's friend Matthew came over to try out Fox's new bouncy house and he was not pleased! Look at that pouty face, every time Matthew would touch one of his toys, he would make this face and go stand in a corner to pout! Ha! 

Day 35
Making vegetable/fruit muffins with Hannah
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February 07, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 4

Day 22
We packed up for a short weekend trip to San Diego with the family!

Day 23
Sea World! What a great day we had! (Post to come)

Day 24
Road trips with Mr. Fox are always an adventure! We tried to pass the time by throwing balls at Minnie Mouse. Gotta do what you have to do...

Day 25
Fox and his buddy Jake gave their mommies a private concert!

Day 26
This kid has no fear! NO FEAR whatsoever! He loves his jump house and jumped off the slide approximately 326 times. I love to see such joy in his face!

Day 27
He calls himself "Socks", because he can't quite pronounce the letter "F" yet. It's the funniest thing! I also love how he gives me attitude about saying his name wrong! My silly guy!

Day 28
Okay, this is literally the best toy we ever bought. Fox never sits still for longer than five minutes, but he would just sit there and sort his colors forever! Best 20 bucks I spent in a long time!
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February 06, 2016

Fox | 20 Months Pictures

Fox is 20 Months old!
(I totally bribed him with an M&M to take this picture...just keeping it real!)

Now, these pictures are a little old, but they were taken during Fox's 20th Month of Life (December 15th-January 14th) and since I'm two weeks late with this post, they seem even older, but need to go in the Blog Book! :)

Another photo shoot, another snack. People always ask me how I get him to sit still, so for this picture, I taped puffs to the inside of the book. The struggle is real!

So you don't think he only takes pictures for snacks, he took these with no prompting! :)

Okay, so I realize I'm losing all credibility with the next pictures...haha!

Eating Santa's Cookies

His buddy Jake joined in on the fun!

Obviously the milk spilled about 2.3 seconds after this picture!

I just had too...

...he'll probably hate me for these later! ;)

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February 05, 2016

January 31, 2016

Two moms and a Camera (Valentine's Pictures)

Katie often makes fun of me because I go to so much effort for the perfect picture. From getting props, building or crafting them, finding the perfect outfit, finding locations and dragging my supplies there, and not to forget, the patience it takes to have my little model sit still long enough to capture his perfect smile. 

One of the reasons I love my friend Kristy is, that she is just as crazy as I am. Leave it to her to build a "Kissing Booth" for Valentine's Day, having the perfect professional photography backdrop for every holiday there is and she's my Idol when it comes to Christmas Cards, she always goes all out and just gets me. 

Jake and Fox are six weeks apart and we've done a few photo shoots in the past...which just reminds me, that I still haven't posted the Christmas Pics we took of the boys! We both have no idea what we are doing with the camera, but that doesn't stop us from trying. 
This shoot left us moms exhausted and drenched it sweat. Our boys must have made a pack to not give us a single smile, no matter how silly we acted in the middle of a golf course. (Disclaimer: It was after hours, so no flying golf balls were hitting our babies!)
Kristy lives right by the golf course and it was just gorgeous there. I wish I had such beautiful grass at my fingertips for pictures each and every day. 

See what I mean? No smiles. But he's cute nonetheless. 

A sweet lady who works for the golf course kept driving by in her Golf cart to watch us struggle and offered to take a group picture!

The boys had a blast running up and down the hills of the golf course, we brought some golf clubs and balls for them and Fox thought it was the best thing ever!

There's that smile! 

And here is said Kissing Booth. I still can't believe she built that! You might remember it from our Valentine's pictures last year! 
None of the pictures turned out, so this is the best we got. 

I kind of love this picture, because of the boo boo lip. He was upset, because Jake accidentally fell on him and his feelings were hurt. My sensitive boy!
While we didn't get a picture perfect shot, we had a fun afternoon. Time to plan St. Parick's Day Pics! Just kidding...okay, kind of. ;)
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