November 15, 2017

Zoo Trip with Friends

Last weekend, we met up with our friends to see the dinosaurs at the zoo. It's a special exhibit they have going on right now and it was really cool, although Fox kept getting more and more scared as we passed the huge dinosaurs, so we quickly moved on to the regular part of the zoo.

Brushing off dinosaurs fossils

We've had a zoo membership for almost three years now and never fed the giraffes. Not entirely sure why, but it was definitely not our last time, because Fox loved it. 

Always having a blast together!

Bringing this wagon to the zoo was one of the worst decisions of man kind. Fox wanted Jake to sit in the wagon with him, Jake was only interested in pulling the wagon. And by pulling, I mean running with it. There was a lot of patience needed for both Mamas and a lot of pouting going on from both boys. Whew...! And even though it was a semi stressful morning for us, we had such a great time. But next time, the wagon will stay home! :)

They thought it was hilarious to use my feet as a seat and kept cracking up when I told them that I was not a chair. 

I'm grateful for our friendship and all the fun days we get to spend together!

November 12, 2017

Pumpkin Carving

Just a few pictures from before Halloween that I need to get into my next Blog Book! :)

Katie loves to carve pumpkins, it's the only Halloween tradition she insists on and is really passionate about. I'm not a fan and neither is Fox. He didn't like it when he was one year old and still thinks it's the grossest thing he's ever seen.

We basically had to beg him to help open the pumpkin before he told us he was all done and continued with his game of throwing rocks in the front yard.

Needless to say, Katie had to finish the job by herself and had the time of her life doing so!

November 07, 2017

October Re-cap

October is easily my favorite month of the year. Granted, I love Christmas time, but December also comes with a lot of stress, while October is just fun! 

We started out the month with a birthday party with friends at the Little Gym. Fox absolutely loved it and ran around like a crazy kid the entire two hours we were there. It was such a great party and I had fun catching up with my friends while he played with his.

One night after work, we went to the Arizona State Fair Preview. Because of some work connections, we always get invited to the preview night before the fair opens and usually it's pretty lame, but they had a dragon exhibit and we thought it would be fun for Fox to check it out. 
He was a little scared at first, but then loved it, but after checking out all the dragons, we quickly left because there wasn't anything else to do.

Over a year later and we finally got our picture wall up. Hallelujah! I thought this project would never end. Katie was skeptical about my idea, but now she loves it as much as I do. 

While I love planning activities and playdates for Fox, some days just being at home are the best days.

We got some free tickets to Monster Jam through work and invited the grandparents and Fox's buddy Grayson to join us. Fox got the crown he is wearing at a birthday party a few days earlier and would not take it off. He always says he's the Queen and when we tell him, boys are Kings, he still wants to be the Queen...ha! He can be the Queen if he wants to!

It's always a great day, when he can be silly with Grandpa.

These boys had so much fun! I loved watching Grayson watch the Monster Trucks, he was just in awe. Fox on the other hand was more interested in playing with the Monster Truck Lindsi had bought for him and playing with Grayson and Grandpa. 
Smashing each other with their Monster Trucks (they are soft like stuffed animals) was way more fun than watching the actual Monster Trucks!

One afternoon, we met up with some friends at a nearby park for our second annual pumpkin painting playdate.
Fox only wanted to paint for like 9 seconds, because playing on the playground with his friends was way more fun!

As usual, we took this picture when most of the moms had already left and we remembered that we should probably take a picture. Story of our lives...! And we have a runner in the picture as well...apparently Raiden was not interested in joining the picture...haha!

Fox's jewish school was celebrating a holiday and the kids had to take a sad picture and say what they were sorry for. I loved reading all the kids responses, one girl said she was sorry that she didn't share her shoes with her mom and dad. I don't know why Fox said what he did, because it's not true at all, but it cracked us up. 

Playdate with Fox's friend Matthew! His mom had bought some pumpkin decorating kits for the boys and they were both so proud of their pumpkins. 

And this is the happy face of a kid who just got a $3 Goodwill toy. He was so excited! And yes, I did disinfect that thing before I let him play with it.

I heard about a nearby Halloween house on Facebook that had hundreds of pumpkins in their yard that lit up to the beat of the Halloween music the owners played. Fox and I checked it out one night after work and it was amazing!

We just sat on the sidewalk in front of the house and watched it, it was really cool.

Fox's first sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house! He had been begging for months to sleep over there and he couldn't wait. It has been over a year that he slept somewhere else and the only other place he ever slept without us is Katie's mom's house, so while we were a little worried about how it would go, we also knew he would have a blast.
He packed his entire suitcase by himself along with about 583 toys. It would've been great if Katie and I could've gone on a date that night and slept in the next morning, but it was Home Show weekend, so we worked until late that night and had to go back to work early the next day. 
He had so much fun though that we are planning to make this a regular thing (if Grandpa has enough energy for Mr. Fox!).

Guess who was back at our Show? We had the Property Brothers out for the third time in five years and they did not disappoint. They are still the same down to earth guys as when we first met them and so sweet and kind.

One day, we surprised Fox by picking him up from school together and taking him to the Fair. 
He loved the rides and winning prizes. I think we came home with seven stuffed animals and he was so proud, claiming that he "cleared out the fair".

The Halloween Balloon Festival is always one of my favorite things to do in the Fall. They have dozens of hot air balloons and hundreds of bounce houses and slides for the kids. It's such a fun event and we stayed out until 10pm because Fox had so much fun. 

They even had fire works and it was only the second time Fox had seen fire works, so I loved watching his face!

One afternoon, we met some friends at the Little Gym for their Halloween Party. 
Fox wanted to get a spiderweb painted on his arm.

Balloon animal fight between Jake and Fox.
It was super crowded but the kids didn't mind and I'm glad we went!

We set up some trial Karate classes for Fox and it was about the cutest thing I've ever seen. He didn't enjoy the class very much though and says he doesn't want to go back, so that's that.

One of my favorite nights each month -Bunco!
I keep losing, but it's such a blast to hang out with these ladies every month.

Halloween Night!
I was really worried about how it would go, because he knew he wasn't allowed to eat any of the candy because of his allergies. We asked him if he wanted to eat candy (we would've traded it out for safe candy for him) or trade his candy for a new toy, so he chose the toy. I was still concerned if it would be fun for him to do the actual trick or treating, if he knew it was a moot point. After the first house he kind of pouted and said really sad, that they gave him dairy candy he couldn't eat. Totally broke my heart.
We did a few houses (with grandma, grandpa and Aunt Ashlie in tow), but you could kind of tell that he wasn't enjoying it.

Checking out his candy before he traded it in. Grandma and Grandpa also brought him a special Halloween treat that he could eat, so that was great. In the end, he didn't have any problems trading the candy and was super happy with the toy he picked out.
And that wraps up October!

I am excited for November, which brings us cooler weather, Christmas Decorations, Thanksgiving (in that order) and another embryo transfer! Fingers crossed!

November 04, 2017

Mortimer Farms

Alright, this is seriously the last pumpkin patch of the season...ha! 
Kristy and I made plans to go up north to visit a pumpkin patch we had never been to, but when the kids got sick, we rescheduled and ended up going the last weekend of October. 
It was supposed to take us an hour and 15 minutes to get there, but with traffic and pee stops for the boys, it took us two hours. Luckily the boys were such great passengers.

I seriously love this picture below!

The farm had a lot of fun activities, but once again, it was hot as hell. We thought it was going to be much cooler, since we were going up north, we even brought sweaters and pants "just in case", but it felt just as hot as Phoenix. 

Making corn angels

The boys spent like 30 minutes on this tractor and the only reason they came down was because we told them to...they would've stayed up there all day long.

Petting some chickens

He had so much fun on this jump pad...

The boys wanted to play hide and seek in the corn maze, which totally freaked me out, because we always get lost in these things. Luckily we all made it out together!

While we weren't impressed by the farm itself, we had a fun day. The pumpkin patch looked so brown and dead, I didn't even take a single picture of it and there is a pumpkin patch a little closer to our house that is much more fun than this one was. It came highly recommended from a few friends, but we decided we would go to the other one closer to home next year instead. 
But the boys had a blast and so did we, so that's all that counts!