December 17, 2018

Christmas at the Princess

We started out the season with "Christmas at the Princess", one of our favorite Christmas traditions! This time we met up with a couple of our friends for their opening night and it was a blast!

Grumpy little elf

Writing their letters to Santa. Fox asked for a guitar and drew one on his letter, he did really good, I wish I would've snapped a picture of it!

I love this picture! These kids have known each other since they were itty bitty, Fox was about two months old when we had our first playdate. 

Fox was super excited to do s'mores. He usually can't have any because he is allergic to regular marshmallows and also has a dairy allergy, so I prepared and brought some vegan marshmallows and chocolate for him and he was so happy. My mom guilt let him eat like three s'mores and all of us moms paid for it later, because the kids were all on a major sugar high. We should've done the s'mores at the end of the night instead of the beginning, because they were bouncing off the walls like I never seen them before and just a crazy bunch. They were funny!

Of course this guy was along for the ride and as chill as ever.

Funny enough, Fox asked to take a picture with the penguin. He usually never likes to take pictures with characters...maybe it was the peer pressure because the other two wanted to take their picture as well...haha.

They have this giant christmas tree there that is synchronized to Christmas music. At first, the kids were just sitting there looking at it, but it soon turned into a wild dance party!

It was such an amazing night and I'm so grateful for these two ladies who have supported me through some hard times this year. Their friendship means everything to me and I' so glad that our kids enjoy each other's company as well!

December 14, 2018

Finn | Week 18

Finn is 18 weeks old!

December 13, 2018

Finn | 4 Month Update

December 1st, 2018
13 lbs, 2 oz

25 inches

I'm very grateful for his health!

Finny, Finnegan, Bubbas, Handsome

During the day he is still very consistently eating every 2-3 hours, at night it could either be great or a shit show. Katie's mom watched him every day for a week this month and he took bottles with pumped milk great for her, but has been refusing the bottles with Katie. I like to breastfeed him whenever I can, but it would also be nice to be able to go out longer than a 2-3 hour stretch.

I think we are starting the dreaded 4-month sleep regression, because nights have been not what they're used to be. He wakes up between 1-3 times a night, I know it could be worse, but it has also been better. He still goes to bed around 7pm and usually wakes up around 6:30-7am.

Size 1

3 Month Clothes

Just like his big brother, he loves getting attention! His smiles light up the room and we are even getting a few giggles here and there. He recently started to "talk" to us and it's the sweetest sound. Fox is his favorite and he loves to watch him and when Fox talks to him. He also still enjoys music class and seeing other babies.

Bath time, being held, being swaddled to sleep, nursing, being held over my shoulder, chewing on his hands, his big brother, his play mat, singing, music class, looking at himself in the mirror, laying on his changing table and looking at his mobile, rocking, smiling, getting attention, the song "Bells are ringing" and "You are my sunshine"

Tummy Time, car rides (sometimes)

Seeing my last baby grow older has been very hard on me. I would have five more if I could. I love every minute of it, even the times where he doesn't want to be put down or when he wakes up multiple times a night.

He is the best big brother ever! I'm so relieved that he hasn't shown any jealousy and loves his baby brother! Sometimes it's hard for him to wait his turn, like when he wants to play with me and I need to feed Finn first, he'll say stuff like "He doesn't need to eat!". He made a wish at a wishing fountain that we can have another baby in our family, that was just about the sweetest thing I ever heard!

Fun things we did:
We went to Disneyland with Finn for the first time and he was as easy going as ever. We also celebrated his first Thanksgiving, saw Santa, went to Music class, the aquarium and Legoland, a Christmas Resort where we rode a train and he went to the movie theater for the first time (we saw the Grinch)!

What we’re looking forward to:
All things Christmas!