July 05, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 26

 Day 176
One of my favorite times each day. Fox is having his morning bottle and cuddles with me on the couch or in our bed! 

Day 177
What a great day it was! Marriage equality for all and most importantly, equal rights for our sweet baby boy!

Day 178
Family Day at the Aquarium!

Day 179
It was Grayson's 1st birthday party, but unfortunately, Fox wasn't able to come, because he was still napping, so I went childless! My friend Tiffany did the same, her daughter was napping as well and we enjoyed catching up without having to chase two crazy toddlers around! 

Day 180
Matthias' sister Frida is here visiting from Denmark for two weeks! Fox loves her and is totally smitten with her. He used to come running to me when I came home from work, now he could care less...! 

Day 181
Sweetest picture ever!

Day 182
 He is getting quite good at riding his 4-Wheeler, we just have to work on his steering! :)
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July 04, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 25

Day 169
Fox helped us with a little 4th of July project. Getting his feet on the canvas was easy, but his hands were a whole different story! Oh well, we still love it and it will be up for many 4th of July's to come! 

Day 170
We met one of our friends at the Aquarium. That place is just awesome, the boys could run around while us moms were catching up! Fox always gets so excited when we're there!

Day 171
We went to Fox's friend Miranda's 1st Birthday party at Imagination Avenue. The place was a kid's dream come true, but unfortunately a mom's worst germy nightmare. A few of the kids in our group got sick afterwards, so we won't be going back. We had a fun time celebrating our friend though and Fox loved cruising around with his buddies Cameron and Jake in the Cozy Coupes. 

Day 172
This boy loves his stuffed animals. He always shares them with us too, so we can hug on them and kiss them, which makes him oh so happy! 

Day 173
My mom's birthday gift finally arrived in the mail and she sent me this picture! She was so happy about the blanket with all of Fox's weekly pictures.

Day 174
We explored a new splash pad in our neighborhood. 

Day 175
Fox loved this little kiddie pool in our backyard. Our co worker Joelle gave it to him for his birthday and he's obsessed!
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June 30, 2015

4th of July Crafty Playdate

 Last Friday, Fox invited some of his besties over to make some fun 4th of July crafts!
It was such a fun afternoon with friends, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
 I made some 4th of July Cupcakes and we had some Fruit for the babies.



Apparently it takes three grown ups to get one decent handprint! :)

Some of the 4th of July onesies we made. It was hard to get the babies to open their hands for a hand print, but the shirts turned out cute nonetheless. I can't wait to see all of the babies wearing them!

 It was a hot day (like every other day in Phoenix between May and October), so we let the kids cool off in the kiddie pool.



All the moms and babies! Love these ladies!

After a while it got too hot out, so we moved inside to play for a little while. 

We had a blast and hope to make this an annual thing! 

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June 28, 2015

Fox | 13 Month Pictures

 Fox is 13 months old! 

Obviously, I'm way late with this post, but better late than never. Here's what Mr. Fox was up to during his thirteenth month of life!

For his first birthday, he received a small orange tree from his great-grandparents. They came over one afternoon to help him plant it and showed him how to water it. 
This experience must have been very special to him, because he remembers exactly what to do and drags his watering cans to the orange tree regularly and pretends to water it.

Also for his 1st Birthday, he received this 4-Wheeler from his grandparents. It's battery operated and Fox knows exactly how to push the button to get it to move. It's one of his favorite toys!
He is a little daredevil though, riding it backwards & standing up and on one leg!

We went to the Butterfly Wonderland one weekend, it's a huge atrium with literally thousands of butterflies, it's just beautiful!




Another weekend favorite: The Children's Museum!




One afternoon after work, I made some edible finger paints to let Fox draw on a canvas. It didn't keep his attention for very long, but his canvas turned out beautifully and we'll try again in a few months.






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