September 19, 2018

Finn | Week 5

Finn is 5 weeks old!

And my favorite...the weekly comparison!
Fox always asks me to put Baby Finn in his bed and while Finn was less than impressed, Fox loved it, as you can see in this picture.

Two of my favorite people!

Judge all you want...I just had to!
First visit to the Halloween store with the boys this year. Fox is nowhere closer to deciding what we'll be for Halloween and changes his mind daily. 

He asked me to take their picture in Finn's crib, so I did. Little did I know that he was expecting a lollipop in return...haha!

Grandma Rene' returned from California, so we went to visit her. The last time she'd seen Finn, he was only four days old!

My mom arrived from Germany and my boys got spoiled for two weeks!

This week, Finn did his first social smile! I snapped this picture while I was making kissing sounds to him. I love to see his little smile, it melts my heart! And that dimple kills me, so cute!

September 16, 2018

August iPhone Dump

I guess this will be a Fox photo dump from now on, since I already post all of Finn's pictures with his weekly updates.
Two days after I came home from the hospital we took the boys to Fox's favorite gymnastics place to get some of his energy out. He had a blast, although he was a little disappointed that Finn couldn't join him in the foam pit!

I totally teared up when I saw that Fox's school had put up Finn's birth announcement on their tree of life!

Dinner with the rest of the family!

Fox has been loving all things gold lately. He claims that gold gives him power, so one day we went to the craft store to get some gold paint and he has been painting everything he can get his hands on, gold ever since. 

We transformed our dining room into an office for me, complete with a wall bed, so it can double as a guest room. It took six weeks for it to get here, unfortunately it came damaged, so it took another six weeks to get another one...just in time for my mom to come visit from Germany. Fox immediately claimed the room as his though and started decorating the room and even slept in there until my mom arrived.

I laughed when I saw him one morning like this. Can't be comfortable, right?

Always happy when I pick him up from school! It's been a little bit of an adjustment to get two kids ready in the morning and handle Finn's car seat and stroller for drop off and pick ups every day, but so far it's been good and we haven't had too many car rides with a screaming baby in the back yet. When my mom was here, she would stay with Finn at home, while I dropped off Fox at school and it felt so weird, but also nice!

I've had a lot of friends visit me this month to meet Finn, check in on me and bring us meals. We didn't have to cook for two weeks because our sweet friends had set up a meal train for us, which was such a blessing! I truly have the best friends!

He was laughing so hard because Katie kept throwing a baby swaddle at him in the car.

Starting him young...he was not too thrilled about doing laundry, but oh well...!

Fox had asked Katie for a king's crown for a long time and he was so excited when the amazon delivery guy came to bring him exactly what he wished for. I took a video of him opening the box and it was the sweetest thing ever. He kept saying "For me? For me? I can't believe it! I always wanted this! I really can't believe it!"

When a German comes to Arizona, they've been missing the sun so much that they sit in 110 degrees heat to soak it up!

What we've been doing lately...Candyland all day, every day!

September 14, 2018

Finn | 1 Month Update

8 lbs, 9 oz

20.5 inches

Only one month old and Finn already had to battle his first cold. I blame the damn preschool germs that Fox brings home. The pediatrician was very concerned and almost sent us to the ER, luckily he didn’t develop a fever. It’s been a week and he is still super stuffed up, but I hope that he will get over this sooner than later. 
Other than that, he has passed all of his newborn screenings and has been doing well!

Katie came up with the nickname “Mellow Mushroom” for him, because he was so mellow for the first two weeks of his life. Nowadays, I call him grumpy face, because he’s either sleeping or grumpy (not always of course). I also call him Finny, Finnegan and “Big Honey”, which is what we called Fox and speaking of which, sometimes I call him Fox by accident…oops!

Feeding Finn has been so much easier so far compared to feeding Fox four years ago. He latched right on and we have been exclusively breastfeeding ever since. He nurses every 2.5-3hrs and had to be woken up to eat for the first two weeks. After two weeks we got the clearance from the pediatrician to let him sleep during the night, but would still wake him up during the day to eat. 
I had to cut out all dairy from my diet, since he has shown negative effects when I had it. It’s been a very hard transition for me, but since Fox is highly allergic to dairy, I want to make sure to protect Finn as much as I can. 

This kid loves to sleep! For the first two weeks, he would sleep almost all day and night, and just wake up to eat and be changed. He started to wake up more during his third week of life. Katie and I took a sleep seminar that was highly recommended to us from several friends and I implemented a lot of the techniques we learned there. Fox never wanted to nap in his crib until he was much older, but Finn has been napping there like a champ. When he was three weeks old, he even slept seven hours straight, but mostly we would get a 4-5 hour stretch during the night, followed by another 3 hour stretch.

He still wears newborn diapers and loves to poop…especially right after we put a new diaper on him. I told Katie she has to get a second job, just to pay for the amount of diapers we are using!

He wears newborn clothes and even after a month, they still fit perfectly. We don’t have many newborn outfits, so we have been rotating what we have and although I don’t want him to grow, I’m excited when we can transition to the next size up to have some more options.

Finn just started to socially smile at us, but not very often. He is not as alert as Fox was at that age, but we always have to remember that Fox was born three weeks after Finn and also that kids have different personalities. He will hold eye contact with us and can track us with his eyes. 

Bath time (he loves it!), being held, being carried in the baby wrap, being swaddled to sleep, nursing, sleeping, pooping, being held over my shoulder, his sound machine

Diaper Changes, not getting his milk fast enough, car rides (sometimes)

The C-Section Recovery has been much easier than I remember. I was up and walking the day of the surgery and while I was in pain for a few weeks, it hasn’t effected me much and I could still do everything I needed to do. 
Breastfeeding was hurtful for the first few weeks, but now it’s great.
The hardest part for me was coming home from the hospital though, I was an emotional wreck for weeks and very depressed. I knew I needed to get some help and I’m in a much better place now. 
I really, really love the newborn stage and having him made me want to have seven more. I know I will have a very hard time with him growing up, knowing that he is my last baby, but I’m enjoying every single minute I have with him (maybe not so much at 3am…ha!). 

Fox has been such an amazing big brother and I was truly surprised by it. I thought he wouldn’t care about the baby, but he always asks to touch him and says how much he loves Finn and that he is so cute. I can’t wait to see their bond form during the next few months and years! 
He still goes to school every day from 9am to 3pm, which he loves, so when he is home, I try to focus on him, but he has also been very understanding when he has to wait a few minutes. 

Fun things we did:
Having a newborn has not slowed us down like it did with Fox. We have been feeling way more comfortable leaving the house with him and have been to all kind of places with the boys. While Finn has met most of his family members this month, the most special visitor has been “Oma Karin” (my mom) who came to visit from Germany!

What we’re looking forward to:
I’m looking forward to starting swim class with Finn and I’m also loving having maternity leave, so I’m looking forward to another two months of just enjoying my baby without having much work responsibility. 

September 11, 2018

Finn | Week 4

Finn is 4 weeks old!

Fox on the left and Finn on the right!
This pretty much sums up his life, sleep all day...with very short times in between where he is awake. I have been trying to put him on some kind of loose schedule: Eat, Awake Time, Sleep (preferably in his crib and falling asleep independently), Repeat. Of course, that doesn't always work out, because little dude loves his sleep and milk.

See what I mean, I have like a million sleeping pictures of him.

Oh, and he's finally awake!

Just kidding, still sleeping!

He's been a little grumpy this week, probably due to him being sick and stuffed up, so whenever that is the case, baby wearing or a bath will always do the trick to calm him down.

His 1 Month Update is up next, I can't believe he's already a month old! Need to find a way to slow down time! :)

September 08, 2018

Finn's Superhero Nursery

I had planned to keep Fox's old nursery exactly the same for our next baby (you can check it out HERE), but Katie wanted to change it up because she thought the tree decals in Fox's nursery were too scary (Fox was scared about them at some point). 
I was two months pregnant and sick to my stomach and would've agreed to anything at that point, because I simply didn't care about anything but sleeping and not throwing up.
Katie and Fox decided on a Superhero theme for Finn's nursery, I assume it was probably more Fox's idea than Katie's. But before operation Nursery could start, Katie also wanted to get the room remodeled, so she called our favorite contractor to get the job done.
This remodel was relatively easy, at least compared to the previous ones we did. We replaced the floors, baseboards, added some canned lights, got new shutters and a new ceiling fan and had the room painted. And then it was finally time to decorate and unpack the 587 boxes of baby stuff we had.
Remember I said that Katie wanted to re-do the room because the tree decals were too scary? I think the batman decals are wayyyy scarier, but whatever...haha. Hopefully we don't ruin our sweet boy right from the start!

We got the shelf at Pottery barn Kids and it was the first thing we bought for his room.

I think we are all set on clothes. And this is not even everything, his dresser is full of newborn - 3 month clothes. Between Fox's old clothes, receiving hand me downs from friends and not being able to restrain ourselves from buying cute clothes on clearance, we might have a little too much stuff! 

These Superhero Closet Knobs are from Hobby Lobby.

I love this Lightning Bolt (from Etsy)

His name sign is also from Etsy. We had the name Finn picked out for years and Christian is Katie's brother's name. Fox's middle name Dominic came from my brother!

This mobile might be the favorite thing in his room (from Etsy of course) and he already seems intrigued by it when he is laying on the changing table!

The funny thing is, that Fox was very scared of his old nursery, even after he long moved into his new big boy room. But once we remodeled it and changed it up, he has been loving it and plays in there every day! I hope Finn will love it just as much as Fox!