April 17, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 15

 Day 99
Celebrating Rodney's Birthday!

Day 100
An afternoon at the Zoo with my friend Kristy and her son Jake. 

Day 101
Fox ate his way through Costco! He loved all the samples and tried more things than he would ever try at home!

 Day 102
Ashlie and Brad babysat Fox while Katie and I got pedicures. Apparently they had fun watching a baseball game together and having snacks...lol

Day 103
Babytime at the Library, Fox loved it!

Day 104
Playtime at Arizona Doll House with Matthias. I cracked up when he sent me this picture. He also sent me pictures of Fox playing with Princess Dolls and having a tea party...haha.

Day 105
First Time at the Splash Pad with his buddy Matthew!
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April 11, 2015

Fox | 47 Weeks

 47 weeks old!

He loves this little car. He gets in and out of it, opens and shuts the door constantly and tries to stand on the seat!


Uncle Robert

Family BBQ for Easter at our House!
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April 08, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 14

Day 92
 Ladies and Gentlemen...We have a walker!

Day 93
Fox LOVED this jeep at the store, he cried when I took him out and threw a major fit! I don't blame him, it sure is a sweet ride!

Day 94
We went to the "Ultimate Playdate" which was a free event that our library sets up each year. They had tons of stations for kids to play and Fox had so much fun! He wasn't too sure about all of the bubbles though!

Day 95
Easter Playdate with our favorite Moms and Babies!

Day 96
Fox is not having any fun with Matthias while we're at work...LOL.

Day 97
They went to a playgroup and Matthias said Fox loved walking around with this little truck. Miss him so much at work!

Day 98
Fox's grandparents gave him a bouncy house for Christmas and we finally blew it up over the weekend. So much fun! 
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April 05, 2015

Fox | 46 weeks

46 weeks old!

I apologize for the picture overload this week, but I just can't get enough of this little guy and I want to make sure all of these pictures end up in my blog book! :)




Big Honey figured out how much fun it is to empty out the bookshelf in his playroom. He was so proud of himself when he was done and honestly, I was kind of proud of him too (I'm sure that'll pass when he continues to do this for the next year or two! ;))!















Love him!


Big boy standing by himself! He also took his first steps this week and this Mama was proud and sad at the time. I just want him to stay little a little longer!

Fox's 1st Easter Basket

We got him some Yoghurt Melts, a new swim diaper, a few books, bath toys and a bunny sippy cup. 





The following pictures document his reaction to Grandma's video, that she recorded for him a few months ago when he was sick. She is singing a special song for him and he has loved it from day 1. So whenever I can't get him to smile, I play the video and his reaction is always the same...so sweet! He loves Grandma Sandie!





Dinner Time

Our little Easter Bunny! Another bittersweet milestone: Easter was his last "first" holiday. Please excuse me while I get some tissues...








He's my favorite! 
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