June 29, 2018

Fox | 4 Year Update

Height and Weight:
At his 4 year check up, he weighed 36lbs (54%) and measured 41.75 inches (82%). He really grew in height this year, almost 4 inches!

School germs are the worst! I feel like Fox has been sick so many times in the last year. He also got strep twice (never had it before), threw up because of it for the first time in probably two years and had lots of fevers and colds. I don't know how other parents do it, but when he gets sick, he's usually out of school for the entire week, which means I'm out of work.
But we feel grateful that those illnesses is all he had in the last year, and nothing serious and also no broken bones. We are planning on getting him tested for his allergies again soon, since the last test was two years ago. 

Foxy, Pumpkin, Honey, My Love, Poodle

Picky, picky, picky. I still hate feeding him. He is the king of snacks. Nuff said. 

He has developed a new fear about being left alone at night. He will do anything to postpone bedtime ("I'm hungry!", "Watch me drink water", "I'm scared", "Can you come in here?") and some nights are a struggle. We always tell him that each of us will come in his room one time when he calls us, but that's it. We leave the nightlight on, leave the door open with the hallway light on and we are literally in the next room over, but he still claims he is scared. 
He goes to bed anywhere between 7 and 7:30pm, some nights he will fall right asleep, some nights he will be up for up to 45 minutes. Most of the last year, we had to wake him up for school at 7:45 am, but with it being summer now and the sun rising super early, he has been getting up earlier too some days. 
He used to sleep through the night just perfectly, but lately he has been waking up and calling us in the middle of the night ("I'm hot!", "I'm cold", "Tuck me in", "I had a bad dream", "Watch me drink water!"). It's been a struggle with me being sick and tired for so long and Katie isn't too thrilled about these nightly wake-ups either. I hope it's just a phase (and it doesn't happen every night either, maybe once or twice a week), because we will have a newborn soon and be up all night already!

Potty Training:
Still pull ups at night and not really an end in sight. We could go cold turkey, but honestly I'm way too tired to be dealing with nightly potty training right now and our pediatrician said not to worry about it for now and wait until he wakes up dry naturally. We'll have to see what happens. 

3T & 4T Pants, 4T and 5T Shirts and Size 9 Shoes. 

A lot of my friends that don't see Fox on a regular basis have commented that he is so different than he used to be. Once shy and quiet, he will now talk your ear off about anything and everything. 
He loves his friends at school and made three "best friends" over the last year: Dylan, Lyndon and Philip. We had a hard transition into summer camp last year and he would cry every day when I dropped him off, but that didn't last very long and he has loved school ever since. 
His temperament depends on who he is with, if Grandpa is around then they will both bounce off the walls, they even call themselves "The wild bunch". 
Some days we still have to remind him to say "please" and "thank you", but I'm always proud when he says it by himself, i.e. when the police officer at school holds the door open for us. 
Since he is in school so much during the day, he really enjoys staying home when he can. 
I would say that he is a very kind, sweet and loving little boy. Like every child he will test his boundaries and doesn't always want to do what we tell him to do (like when it's time to get ready for bed or clean up his toys), but overall he is a very good listener and awesome kid! 
He now knows how to negotiate in order to get what he wants and he cracks us up every single day with the things he says. He loves to be the center of attention!

Funny Phrases:
Just a few things I wrote down during the last year that I want to remember…!

May 2017
Me: Think about something happy when you go to sleep!
Fox: I will think about you!

Life with a 3yr old: 
Fox wants to play with the toilet paper roll. I explain that we need to wait until the roll is empty before we can play with it.
He says: "Mama...I wanted to make the day special (by playing with the roll), and you just ruined my day. Now it's going to be a plain day!"

June 2017
"Mama, I always take care of you because I like you!"

"Mama, I like your hands. I like your hair too. And I like my penis!"

July 2017
"One day, when I have my green car, I will take mommy for a ride and I will drive careful. And be fast poke!"

"Mama, I'm so proud of you because you like owls!"

“Mama, I love you because you are really good and kind. I like you too!”

Fox and I were taking a bath together...he says:
"Hey, where's your penis?" I explain the different body parts on men and women, to which he replies:
"Girls have ginas?"

September 2017
"You're a beef cake!" (to Katie)

"Get away from me beeves!"

"The lunch mommy packed me was stoops!"

October 2017
"I’m going to marry grandpa and for my wedding present I’m going to get toys!"

“Mama, you clean up the toys while I get new ones for us to play with. That’s called teamwork!”

November 2017
"Slow down lady, you’re driving way too fast!" (to me, who always drives super slow)

"Don’t even come in here because it reeks!" (after he pooped)

I said "let me look at you" after doing his hair, he turns around and says “adorable”.

I asked: "What makes you happy?" He replies: "Being with you!"

Me: "Why did you wake up so early?" Fox: "Because Mommy wanted me to watch TV!"

Morning conversation with Fox:
Me: "Did you know Christmas is Jesuses birthday?" (We don’t really teach about Jesus or are religious so I was curious if he knew from school or grandma)
Fox: "Who is Jesus? I’m not going to his birthday, because I don’t know him. Well...is Dylan going to go?"

December 2017
"Mama, it’s really hard sometimes to be good all the time!"

We see a fart machine at Target. He says: "I don’t need that, my booty already makes that sound!"

January 2018
"Mama, I want to kiss your belly because I love the baby!"

Me: "Look how big my belly is from the baby!" Fox: "No, that’s just food!" (he did have a point!)

Fox kissed my belly. He said “I love the baby”....”but only if it’s a boy”

February 2018
Fox tells me him and Mommy (Katie) have super powers. I said I do too, I’m growing a baby in my belly. He said: "That’s not a very good power because the baby makes you sick all the time!" 

March 2018

I told Fox that I forgot something. He said: “That’s because you’re old. You’re losing your memory!”

"I'm tired. I don't want to go through another day like this."

April 2018
Watching a pampers commercial with a newborn and he says: "Look mama...awww! Pretty cute!"

"It's hard work if there's only one mommy or mama at home. It's hard work because there's only one watching me!"

Fox and I went to Hobby Lobby and I told him he could only pick out one thing. He picked a rainbow necklace, but then sees a pirate hook and in the most pathetic tone he says: "I guess it's time to say goodbye to the necklace...It's such a hard choice!"

Being the center of attention, watching TV or playing iPad, playing with Grandpa, bossing us around, Legos, sleeping in Hotel Rooms, Disneyland & Legoland, going to school, being silly, toy stores, Snacks, playing Hide and seek, playing with friends, Urban Jungle (Play Place), swimming, imaginative play, book time with Mama, playing with Aunt Ashlie, Ketchup, In N Out French Fries, making people laugh, buying toys, fake diamonds and other play jewelry

Trying new foods, washing his hair, when he gets water in his eyes, not being in charge, bedtime, helping with chores or cleaning up toys, when he doesn't get what he wants, going to the doctor

June 26, 2018

31 weeks pregnancy update

June 13, 2018

How far along:
31 weeks 

Baby is the size of a:
Head of romaine lettuce or a foam finger (think sports events)

Total weight gain:
33 lbs 

Maternity Clothes?
Katie commented to me that I pull out a brand new outfit every day. I’m so grateful for all the hand me downs I received from friends. 

Stretch Marks?
Not yet.

Well, this week I did something to my upper back and neck and I’ve been in so much pain that nights have been pretty horrendous lately. I’m seeing a chiropractor now and I hope that he can help me get some relief soon.  

Best moment of the Week:
Katie and I were able to go on a couple of much needed dates, just the two of us! It definitely made me feel special and has improved my mood tremendously. 


Food Cravings:
Nothing special. 

Belly Button in or out:

Sweet baby boy!

Some backaches, some nightly bathroom breaks, rib pains, Braxton hicks contractions and getting out of breath all the time. My mood has definitely improved this week and for that, I’m so grateful. Fingers crossed that it will stay that way. I rather deal with physical pain than emotional pain. 

Anything Making you queasy or Sick?

Have you Started to Show yet?
Still loving that big belly!

What I miss:
Feeling good all around. When you’re pregnant, people constantly ask you how you’re feeling and at this point I have resorted to saying “Don’t even ask!” because I’m sure they don’t want to hear about all my aches and pains. 

What I'm looking forward to:
We are leaving for a 5-day trip to California this week and are taking Fox to Disneyland and Legoland. I hope I will be okay with all that walking and keeping up with those two, but I’m excited to have one last “hurrah” with him before the baby comes. 

What I'm not looking forward to:
Being stuck in the car for 6 hours each way.

You can find Fox’s 31 week pregnancy update HERE!

June 23, 2018

Baby Sprinkle

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends hosted a Baby Sprinkle for us. I wasn't going to have another Baby Shower, since we literally have everything we need for him, but I loved that she wanted to throw a party for us to celebrate this baby.
I remember how OCD I was when it came to planning Fox's Shower, I was a "Momzilla" for sure and wanted everything to be perfect. Based on that, I was very surprised with myself how little I micromanaged the details of this party and just let Lindsi do whatever she wanted.
Lindsi asked if we could have it at our house, so that's what we did. 
I loved this candy bar, so cute!

These were the favors, custom made button cookies. Lindsi came up with the theme "Cute as a button" and it turned out super adorable.

My beautiful wife!

We snapped a quick family picture before everyone arrived.

This was one of the games we played. You basically got points for everything you had in your purse and whoever had the most points won the prize.

I am so grateful for everything she did for us! I know how stressful it is to plan a party and she wouldn't let me help with anything. 

We had everyone write a message to the baby in this book. I originally had a custom book ordered with his name and it didn't arrive in time, so we got this one instead, which is one of Katie's favorite kids books. 

My mother in law made this cake for us, but unfortunately couldn't stay for the party since she had a family emergency. It was delicious as always and I ate the leftovers for another four days after the party!

My other mother in law and my sister in law, Ashlie. 

My friend Jessica, who is also the mom of Fox's best school friend. 

Katie's grandma!

Love these girls so much! It's so crazy to think that four years ago I didn't know if I would have any mom friends and all these years later we still get together for playdates, brunches and our monthly Bunco group, all thanks to a Facebook group that one of the Moms (in the white shirt) started when we were all pregnant with our first babies!

I'm also grateful for this lady, who has been right alongside with me through all the up and downs of pregnancy. We are having our babies three weeks apart and I'm excited for lots of playdates!

Just a couple of 4-year olds, trying to help their moms lift the load!
While we didn't have any kids at the party, we invited Aria over so Fox would have someone to play with and these two played so well together...we didn't hear one peep from the playroom!

I'm so glad we got to celebrate our baby boy with our friends and some family, it was a great afternoon!

June 20, 2018

30 weeks pregnancy update

June 6, 2018

How far along:
30 weeks – we are in single digits now for the weekly countdown!

Baby is the size of a:
Cabbage or a Motorcycle Helmet? That sounds a little outrageous if you ask me!

Total weight gain:
Lost one pound this week, but still up 31lbs. 

Maternity Clothes?
Nothing new. Mostly wearing dresses these days because pants feel super restrictive to me. 

Stretch Marks?
Not yet.

A little better this week. Still only one bathroom break per night. 

Best moment of the Week:
Getting the nursery somewhat ready and having our baby sprinkle!

All the time. I heard I’m supposed to do count kicks, but I never did that with Fox and feel like I feel this kid constantly anyway, so not sure if I need to do that or how to even do it. I’ve been slacking about reading my pregnancy book this time around. 

Food Cravings:
Nothing really. I just eat to not be hungry but nothing ever sounds good to me. 

Belly Button in or out:

Sweet baby boy!

I get a few backaches here and there, but nothing unbearable. Getting out of breath super fast as well. I had my maternity pictures yesterday and we were walking through this tall field of grass (and I was wearing heels and a dress), it was 105 degrees out and I was sweating and huffing and puffing like crazy. I was so tired afterwards, it felt like a workout. 
Pregnancy Depression is still going strong and I don’t know if I want this baby out of me in the hopes that I will feel better or if I want to keep him in forever because I’m scared what will happen with my hormones after the birth. Either way, it’s not my choice and he will come when he is ready (or will be evicted on August 8th). 

Anything Making you queasy or Sick?
My bad attitude is making me sick…does that count? LOL

Have you Started to Show yet?
Getting bigger every week, although people keep telling me that I still look tiny. I don’t think my belly is any bigger than it was with Fox. 

What I miss:
Same as last week. 

What I'm looking forward to:
Nothing really. Walking with a huge dark cloud over my head these days. 

What I'm not looking forward to:
I’m scared about what is currently happening with me and I’m really worried about everything, even stuff I shouldn’t worry about it. My mind is blowing everything out of proportion. 

You can find Fox’s 30 week pregnancy update HERE!

June 17, 2018

Maternity Pictures

Almost four years ago, I found a maternity photographer on faccebook and instantly loved her work. Fox had just been born and I always regretted not finding her earlier, because the maternity pictures I had with him were more than cringe worthy. 


Flash forward to last December. I had just found out that I was pregnant and I immediately set up a shoot with her

Obviously, in typical Nadine fashion, I stressed about this shoot since the moment I set it up. I don’t enjoy being the center of attention and having someone take pictures of me makes me a little uncomfortable, but I always love the end result, and since this was my last pregnancy, I knew I wanted to document it in the best way I could.

Since the photographer I chose is famous in our area for her maternity pictures (she doesn’t do anything else), I had to spend more money than I could ever justify spending on pictures, which made me even more stressed…what if I didn’t love them? What was I going to wear? Who would do my make up and hair? Yes, I was a little obsessed about this shoot, because I felt like I only had this one shot at it. 

I took the photographer’s advice and ordered a bunch of dresses from two websites she recommended (non maternity). She said it doesn’t matter if the dresses didn’t fit, she would clip me in and I could return the dresses after the shoot. So when they came in the mail, we had a little fashion show at the office and everyone cast their votes. Of course, with so many opinions, I still couldn’t nail down which one of the five dresses I had ordered, I liked the best (indecisive much?). I ended up sending pictures to the photographer and let her choose and luckily she chose two dresses that I liked as well and I think they looked so pretty in the pictures. 

At the beginning of the shoot, the photographer told me that there wouldn't be many pictures of me smiling directly at the camera. I thought this was going to be so awkward, but I guess you get what you pay for, and this lady knew exactly what she was doing. She posed me for every single shot and told me exactly what to do with every muscle in my body, my legs, my arms, my fingers, my belly, my shoulders, my head, my face, everything. All I had to do was follow her instructions. 

My sister in law got married last November and I got some contacts from her for professional hair and make up. This was the first time ever I had my hair and make up done professionally and of course that made me nervous too, because there was no going back if I didn’t like what they did to me…haha. Luckily, they both did a fantastic job in my opinion and I just let them do whatever they wanted and trusted their opinions. 

This is probably my favorite picture, I just love the lighting!

While the photographer said that this shoot was mostly about me, but we could throw in a couple of family pictures as well, Katie has never been a fan of posed pictures and wasn’t really interested in being in any of them. I would’ve loved to have a few couple’s pictures of the two of us, but I also wanted to respect her opinions, so that’s why she is not in the shots. Fox was more easily convinced with the promise of a lollipop after and his participation took maybe five minutes, so I’m glad to have some pictures with him as well! 

Sure, there were awkward moments, like when she would say to stare at a specific tree in the distance and laugh out loud at the tree. Can you imagine? Lucky for me, there was no one there to witness any of this…haha!

The whole shoot took only about 45 minutes, including a wardrobe change in the middle of a field. 

When I got home, I felt like I had just run a marathon, I was so exhausted, physically and emotionally. But I also felt like a huge burden had fallen off my shoulders by getting this done and I was happy to cross off this big stress factor from my list. 

I couldn't love these pictures more and I was so impressed by her and how she captured my last pregnancy so beautifully (even though it was 105 degrees out, I was out of breath and sweaty from hiking through the field in heels and my legs were scratched up...you wouldn't even be able to tell!).
I will treasure these pictures forever and there were totally worth all the stress they gave me.