January 08, 2017

One Second Everyday

This is one of my favorite projects I did all year...246 days (started April 30th)...1 second video every day.
This was our life in 2016.

January 07, 2017

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 52

Day 358
Fox had a buddy over to play and after being sick and couped up in the house for the last week, he was so excited to play with someone other than us!

Day 359
Fox and I went to the candlelight service on Christmas Eve and they gave him a glow stick instead of a candle. He was mesmerized by the singing and every time they would finish a song, he would stuff that little glow stick in between his legs as fast as he could so he could clap. It was so cute to watch and the service was beautiful, it was my favorite part of the day. 

Day 360
This is what Christmas looked like at the Jones House!

Day 361
Fox was very surprised that Santa wasn't at his usual spot in the mall when he went to the play place with Hannah.

Day 362
Katie sent me this picture while I was grocery shopping to make me jealous that she got Fox cuddles. I'm sure the cuddles lasted all of 5 seconds before he was over it, based on his face...ha!

Day 363
When I got home from work, Fox told me he wanted to take a walk with me. So we walked and walked and walked until 1.5hrs later we finally made it around the block! (There were a lot of rocks to inspect and sticks to collect)😂He climbed on this rock and told me to take his picture...ha! This was one of those days I will remember for the rest of my life, no matter how uneventful it was, and I'm so grateful to have a boss that makes these afternoons possible for me!

Day 364
When Katie got a pedicure, Fox requested that she get green nails (his favorite color), so when she came back to show him, he said he wanted green nails too! While we didn't have green nail polish, he settled for black and was so excited and proud that he got his nails painted for the first time.

Day 365
Patrick came into the office and everyone thought it was Robert and ran over to give him a group hug. Robert HATES hugs, but Patrick loved it apparently!

Day 366
We had an impromptu New Year's Eve celebration with some friends! It was fun catching up with these ladies and Fox had a blast playing with his friends.