May 25, 2017

Fox | 3 Year Update

Height and Weight:
At his 3 year check up, he weighed 31.6lbs (50%) and measured 38 inches (65%)

We recently found out that Fox developed another allergy; he is now also allergic to shellfish. He often develops rashes, which makes us analyze every single thing he ate that day. He is also allergic to the grass in Rene’s yard and screams in pain every time his skin gets in contact with it (which obviously we are avoiding now).
I think his immune system built up a little bit since starting school and my last post. He still got sick a few times during these last six months and unfortunately it always lasts about 10 days until he gets better. We even had to postpone his birthday party because he was so sick the day before, but he took the news like a champ, even though we had counted down the days to his party for weeks beforehand. 

Mr. Fox, Foxy, Pumpkin, Poodle

Still picky as hell and always prefers snacks over real food. He likes what he likes and doesn’t want to try new things, but we keep trying. Feeding him is one of my worst struggles about Motherhood. I'd rather change dirty diapers or even clean toilets instead of having to deal with dinner. It always makes me feel like a failure. I don’t know where we went wrong, but I feel like we did. My hope his that he will get better with age. He definitely gets it from his Mama…I’m picky as hell too!
Sleep is kind of hit and miss lately. We did so good for a long time, until he started to tell us that he was scared of the trees in his nursery (wall decals). Getting him to sleep was a 1-2 hour ordeal. We didn’t know what to do, we didn’t want to discredit his fear, but we also didn’t want to be held “hostage” in his room because he was unable to fall asleep by himself.
We moved his crib mattress into our bedroom on the floor which is where he slept for a few weeks. Although, the situation didn’t get any better, one of us had to stay with him and he kept saying “I’m scared, Mama”, “I need you Mama”, even though I was right there. Again, it took 1-2 hours for him to fall asleep, and not even by himself.
When his new bedroom was finally finished and his new big boy bed was set up, we hyped it up like crazy and just put him in his bed one night and told him what a big boy he was now! I was expecting tears, negotiations, him coming out 43 times…and I was shocked when he rolled over and went right to sleep. With no one in the room. Crazy! It’s been a few weeks in his new room and overall it is going very well (knock on wood). He currently sleeps from about 8pm until any time between 7am and 9am. (Which translates into him sleeping in during the week, when we have to get to school and work and being up at the butt crack of dawn on the weekends…sigh!)

Potty Training:
Still pull ups at night, but great otherwise.

24 months and 2T pants. 3T and 4T shirts and Jammies and size 8 shoes!

School has been so amazing for him. He has a lot of friends and it warms my heart when we arrive at school and a few of his friends come running up to greet him. So sweet! He is not shy anymore and will usually talk to anyone.
He loves going out and doing fun things, but also loves being at home to play. So when we are home and you ask him if he wants to go somewhere, he will say no and that he just wants to play at home, but when we are already out doing something, he wants to keep the fun going…like the other day, I took him to the book store after school, then he wanted to go to the Ice Cream shop and then to the aquarium (which we all did). When we were done with the aquarium, he even asked to go to the trampoline park, but it was already dinner time and we had to go home…ha!
He is very sensitive and gets his feelings hurt easily. We had kind of a rough patch for a few weeks with him trying to show us that he’s the boss and it was hard for him to realize that he wasn’t. Lots of tantrums, pouting and time outs, but we made it out alive and he’s been so great lately. Thank goodness, because it was rough!
He apologizes when he hurts someone by accident and is very upset when that person is really hurt. He is the sweetest kid and we are so lucky to have him.

Funny Phrases:
Just a few things I wrote down during the last six months that I want to remember…!

31 months:
-       He says “too later” instead of a little later
-       He says yesteryear instead of yesterday

32 months:
-       “I’m going to win lady” (when we played a game)
-       Katie was going through our mail and said “Junk, Junk, Junk” (Junk Mail) and he said” “Where’s my junk? I don’t have junk?”

33 months:
-       Katie and I went on a date and left Fox with his grandparents during the day. When we got home, I asked him what his favorite part of the day was and he said: “My favorite part was when Mommy and Mama were gone!”

34 months:
-       “When I poop really hard, my eyes pop out!”
-       One day, we dressed Fox in a “Cat in the Hat” sweater for school. Katie said he cried at drop off and when I asked him later why he cried, he told me he cried because he didn’t want to be the Cat in the Hat! Apparently one of the teachers had complimented his shirt and said “The Cat in the Hat is here!”
-       I asked Fox who he played with. He answered “I played with twobodys…Grandpa and Scarlett!”
-       School was learning about daddys and the topic came up. I asked Fox if he had a daddy and he said “No”. I asked him “Why don’t you have a daddy?” and he said “I have a grandpa daddy!”
-       Pre-Dinner Conversation. Katie to me “He’s getting in his high chair for pete’s sake!” Fox: “No, I’m getting in my high chair for fish sticks!”

35 months:
-       “I want to go home and play with Mommy and Daddy!” (No idea where that came from)
-       “Cosie (our dog), you protect me and I protect you!”
-       “I pooped a caterpillar!”

36 months:
-       Fox: “Mama, what do you want for your birthday?” Me: “I want a big hug and a kiss from you!” Fox: “No, I’m not prepared for that!”
-       I kissed him goodnight and he said: “You better not give me kisses next time!”
-       When you tell him we are doing something “tonight”, he always argues “No, today!”

Bigger kids, being the center of attention, watching videos of himself, Soccer Class, playing with Grandpa, having Dance Parties, bossing us around, airplanes and rockets, sleeping in Hotel Rooms, Disneyland, going to school, being silly, jumping, toy stores, PJ Masks, The cat in the hat TV Show, Granola Bars, Magna Tiles, playing Hide and seek, playing with friends, the color green
(One time at school, his teacher mentioned how she had noticed how much he loves the color green. She then showed me some of his recent artwork….a green caterpillar he made, all the other ones were colorful, a green airplane, a green heart for Valentine’s day, all of his artwork around the room was green, it was so funny!)

Trying new foods, washing his hair, when he gets water in his eyes, when our dog gets to close to him, when someone “beats” him (at a game, a race, etc.), not being in charge, Bedtime