November 30, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 46

Day 316
Fox had been coughing for two weeks, so we took him to the doctor a few times to get him checked out. On this day, he was making funny faces with our wonderful pediatrician. He was prescribed some steroids and breathing treatments, but was all cleared to go on our vacation the next day.

Day 317
Shoutout to Southwest Airlines who made all of Fox's dreams come true! I didn't think they let anyone in the cockpit anymore, but when we walked into the airplane, they invited him in and he got to sit with the pilot and push all the buttons. So awesome! 

Day 318
"No pictures please!" Waiting for the water show to start on the cruise ship!

Day 319
This pool was FREEZING cold, but Fox was just laughing and screaming with joy the entire time!

Day 320
Welcome to Haiti!

Day 321
Life is tough when you're two years old (on the beach in Jamaica)!

Day 322
Beautiful sunset view from our balcony!

November 28, 2016

The Rest of Fall

Halloween seems so far away already and yet, I have failed to blog about the rest of October. 
The month seemed to have flown by and we were constantly doing something, so when it came to an end, I was ready to slow down.
We attended a Halloween Hot Air Balloon Festival one weekend in October. We had never been, but received free tickets through work and Fox couldn't have loved it more. Bounce Houses Galore, Trick or Treating, staying up past his bedtime and fireworks...what's not to love?

He even got to ride in his first Hot Air Balloon!

And before we knew it, it was time to carve pumpkins! We always carve them as close to Halloween as possible, since they don't last very long in the Arizona Heat.
Just as last year, Fox wasn't a fan and didn't like the hair in the pumpkin or getting dirty. He is my child after all!

Katie took one for the team and finished the job!

All Halloween Day Fox had told me that he was going to be Waldo, but right before we went Trick or Treating, he changed his mind and wanted to be "Catboy". He was so proud to show grandpa his costume!

Before every house, he announced who he was going to ring the doorbell with and 9 out of 10 times, grandpa was the obvious choice!

He had so much fun and watching him experience this just made my heart burst with happiness!

November 26, 2016

Granny Night

Last week, it was my turn to host our monthly Bunco Group.
The theme was Granny Night and we had a blast!
My outfit is about 30 years old. I remember my grandma wearing it to her 50th wedding anniversary, including the shoes, glasses, purse and jewelry. It's one of the only things I have from my grandma and it was super special to me that I could wear it that night.

These were the table signs that I made. I wish I would've taken some pictures of the decor and food, but I totally forgot, so this is all I got. My co-worker gave me a bunch of old china, an old cook book for display and I also had super old table cloths and decorations.

Everyone did such an awesome job dressing up! Katie always comments that our Bunco Nights are way too stressful, because you have to dress up for almost all of them according to the theme, but for me (and I think most of the girls), this is part of the fun!

Obviously, it was way past our bedtime!
I'm so grateful for this group and hope that we will still play Bunco together when we are REALLY old and grey!

November 21, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 45

Day 309
Airplanes all day, every day!

Day 310
I took Fox to a free Home Depot kids workshop and we built a helicopter together. Well, I built it, he painted it...ha!

Day 311
Fox's school had its fall festival and they had a fire truck there where the kids could sit in. Fox was in heaven!

Day 312
Sand Play at the Children's Museum

Day 313
I'd vote for this guy right here any day!

Day 314
I was setting up for Bunco Night at our house and Fox was trying out my wig...can you guess the theme?

Day 315
Granny Bunco Night! It was so much fun and I was super impressed by everyone's outfits! One girl showed up with a walker, I loved it!

November 11, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 44

Day 302
We got free tickets to the Halloween Ballon Festival and it was such a fun night! They had like 50 bounce houses and slides for kids and about 20 hot air balloons that gave out candy. Fox rode in a hot air balloon for the first time (it was tethered to the ground and went about 50 feet up in the air) and had the time of his life running around from bounce house to bounce house. We stayed up way past his bedtime and even got to watch the fireworks (also a first for him). 

Day 303
We had a Halloween Party with our friends at the Park and it was incredibly hot that we didn't put him in his costume. Fun Afternoon!

Day 304
We took him to the new Aquarium, which was also a lot of fun!

Day 305
Trick or Treat! Fox decided that he wanted to wear his "Catboy" costume for Trick or Treating and seeing him run from house to house, saying "Trick or Treat" and collecting his Candy was seriously so cute! All of his grandparents and Hannah joined us as well. Obviously he couldn't eat most of the candy he got, because it had dairy in it, so we let him have one lollipop and asked him if he wanted to trade the rest of it for a small present, so that's what he did and it worked out great. He also loved handing out the candy to the kids who came to our house!

Day 306
Could he be any cuter?

Day 307
His first time (since he was a baby) at Benihana and he was mesmerized by the chef cooking the food for about 2 minutes. Ha!

Day 308
Finally a rainy day! We ran around in the rain and played outside! I think we survived the summer and it'll get cooler from now on!