October 31, 2016

Where's Waldo?

Happy Halloween from the Waldo Family!

This year we sent out a few Halloween Cards for the first time, and while I wish I could've sent one to each and every one of you, this will have to do! :)

The front:

And the back!

We knew that this year would be the last shot for us to choose a Halloween Costume for Fox. He also picked out his own Halloween Costume that he will wear to his Halloween Party at School, but we also wanted to do a family theme and since Fox loves the Waldo books, it was an easy decision. I'm sure going forward we will be a Superhero Family for the next 8 years or so! 

One of our favorite photographers snapped these pictures in less than 10 minutes (that's why we love her) and Fox thought it was so funny that we were all Waldos!

I didn't think he would leave his hat or glasses on, because every time I wanted to try them on at home, he would throw a fit, so I had no idea if his hat actually fit until the day of the shoot. (My sweet friend Tilly made it for him!) So when I showed him how Waldo looked in the book and put my costume on, he was all about it and couldn't wait to get dressed as well! He kept looking at himself in the mirror, yelling "I'm Santa Clause"!
So much love!

These two are always up for being silly!

I'm glad we got these pictures to remember our third Halloween with Mr. Fox and I can't wait to take him trick or treating this year. He still remembers it from last year and we have talked about it so many times over the last year... he is ready and excited!

October 30, 2016

Tolmachoff Farms

Another weekend, another pumpkin patch.
We were a little smarter this time around and went late in the afternoon, when it wasn't as hot anymore and it was perfect!

It looks like we have a Farm Boy on our hands. He loved everything about the pumpkin patch and was so excited to run from activity to activity. 

He especially loved the corn maze and took charge guiding us through it (we still got lost...ha).

We stayed way past his bedtime and had such a fun time.

For years I dreamed about taking my child to the pumpkin patch, and although this is the third year I was able to do so, it's still blows my mind how lucky I am. Being his Mama is the best!

October 28, 2016

Schnepf Pumpkin Patch

We met up with Katie's parents for the first pumpkin patch of the season! This particular pumpkin patch is quite far from our house, but it's supposed to be the best one in the Phoenix Area, so we made the drive. 
We got there early to beat the heat, because when we went two years ago, it was sweltering hot and unfortunately, this year wasn't any different, even though we went two weeks later.

Ready to take the train around the farm!

I love how he is holding Katie's leg in this picture

Lunch Time!

Jumping is his favorite

We did a few of their rides and then went to the pumpkin patch, because we were all melting away at this point.

He was very particular about picking just the right pumpkin!

Found one!

They had so much to do at the Farm and I wish we could've stayed all day, but it was just too hot. Remind me to go the last weekend of October next year and maybe even at night!
Fox had a great time though and loves to show everyone the pumpkin he picked out.