February 28, 2019

Finn | 28 weeks

Finn is 28 weeks old!

Sweet Brothers!

When I checked my timehop on this day, I saw that I had finished knitting this sweater exactly seven years ago, so obviously I had to put it on him. I remember the time of my life very vividly, I would knit or crochet tons of baby clothes, hoping that some day I would have a baby to put these on...and here we are. I'm grateful for these boys every single day. 

Going for a ride around the house in Fox's old push wagon. Crazy to think that Finn will almost be big enough to use it.

Baby friends at music class!

Everybody always comments that Finn is such a happy baby. He truly is, always smiling and just pure joy!

Morning snuggles

Finn refused any kind of pureed fruit or vegetable I tried to give him, but he was all over regular food. Even though I didn't plan to do Baby-Led-Weaning, he had other plans. Here he is sucking on a celery stick, he loved it.

And some broccoli
It does make me a little nervous, but he loves food and it makes me so happy to watch him eat and enjoy it, because it was always such a struggle with Fox.

February 21, 2019

Finn | 6 Month Update

15lbs 4oz. (9%)

26.5 inches (38%)

He thankfully stayed healthy this month, even though big brother was diagnosed with the flu and was sick for a long time. We had his 6-month check up and he looked great!

Finny, Finnegan, Bubbas, Handsome, Beef, Big Beef, Honey. Fox also called him Finny the Pooh and I thought that was so cute!

Not much has changed here. He usually eats every three hours, still around the clock. We also started him on solids a few weeks ago and so far he hasn't been a fan. We tried peas, green beans, avocados, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, bananas and carrots. I'm not sure if he is not ready or just doesn't like it, but I hope he will learn to like it!

He still goes to bed around 7pm and usually wakes up around 6:30-7am. He's still a bad night time sleeper, some days I think I'm ready for some sleep training, others I just roll with it and don't feel ready at all. I worry to miss my window for sleep training eventually, but now is just not the right time for it. He gets comforted at night if I hold his hand or put my forehead to his, he also will calm down when I sing "Let's go fly a kite" from Mary Poppins. He naps three times a day, usually one longer nap, which can be anywhere from 1-2 hours and the other two are 30-minute cat naps. He is a very light sleeper and falls asleep on the way to school easily, but the minute I take his car seat out of the car, his eyes will pop open! He either naps in his crib or carseat or ergo when we are out and about.

Size 2

6 Month Clothes

I noticed this month that he often gets upset when people are trying to hold him that he's not too familiar with and he will always look at me for reassurance. Fox is still his favorite and he always gets the biggest smile when he sees our dog Cosie. He doesn't like to be left alone, i.e. when I put him in his jumper he will be happy in there as long as he can see me and I interact with him, but often gets upset when I leave the room for a minute. He's blowing a lot of bubbles and is especially talkative when he first wakes up. 

Bath time, being carried, nursing, chewing on his hands and fingers, his big brother, his play mat, bouncer, singing, music class, rocking, smiling, getting attention, the songs "Bells are ringing", "Do Re Mi", "Let's fly a kite" and "You are my sunshine", the finger game "Wiggle to the left" that we learned at Music class, Sophie the Giraffe, Banana Toothbrush Teether, standing (while we hold him), kisses, swinging, playing with his feet, our dog, pulling my hair, dancing

Tummy Time, not getting constant attention, naps...or sleep in general, food (besides breastmilk)

I already miss the tiny baby he once was, him sleeping on my chest and that sweet newborn smell. Why do babies have to grow up so quickly? Can I just freeze time for a little while? I didn't know it while I was pregnant, but this baby is exactly what I needed in this season of my life and he is brightening my days each and every day. 

Seeing him love on his little brother is just about the best thing ever. The feeling is definitely mutual and nobody makes Finn smile like Fox does.

Fun things we did:
Finn went to the zoo for the very first time this month! We had some playdates with other babies, went to music class, Disney on Ice and Legoland. He's still super easy going to just tag along wherever we need to go!

Finn got his first two teeth on the bottom this month and also mastered sitting up by himself!

What we’re looking forward to:
Nothing in particular, but I love hanging out with the little dude each and every day and feel so grateful that I don't have to return to an office job and can work a little bit from home.

February 19, 2019

January iPhone Dump

One day I will be caught up on this blog. Today is not that day!
Right after New Year's Fox got really sick. He was diagnosed with the flu and all of us (minus Finn) had to take Tamiflu. He even spiked a fever of 104.8, it was definitely the highest he's ever been and super scary. He was probably sick for a good ten days and we didn't leave the house (besides going to the doctor) for the first ten days of 2019! Talk about cabin fever! 
I got the flu as well, not as bad as him though (probably because I had already started the Tamiflu) and luckily Finn didn't get sick at all.

Pancakes are Life!

After being stuck in the house for the first part of the month, we finally ventured out and took a little walk to the playground. It didn't last very long, but the fresh air and sunshine definitely raised our spirits!

This is the kind of face I get when I ask to take a picture. I feel like this must be a "boy thing". When I watch my friend's daughters, they all flash the sweetest little smile when being asked for a picture and all the boys I know act crazy like Fox! He's still cute! 

I'm so glad we have dog gates that keep our dog out of Finn's play area. This guy always seems to sneak in, when we are not watching!

One morning we met up with Kristy and Jake for a little park playdate.

The boys have always been friends, but lately they've become such great buddies and you can tell they love each other fiercely.

We ventured out on a little hike and it was such a beautiful walk. I don't have any pictures of Finn, but he was there as well (snuggled up with me in the baby carrier!).

They found some walking sticks and Kristy suggested we would take them home and paint them for our next hike, so this big ole stick has been sitting in my trunk for the last month and Fox refuses to get rid of it.

Another playdate, this time with Miss Aria! Fox and Aria are the same age and her sister Ella was born two weeks after Finn, so each of the boys had their own little playdate. They were decorating cards for each other.

I ordered Finn's Easter basket and was so happy that they still had the same design as Fox's. He might be too little to hunt for Easter eggs this year, but seeing these two baskets is one of those moments where you realize how lucky you are to have two kids!

Fox's first time at a real barber shop. We used to go to this little kids salon, but they always messed up his hair, so we tried this one for the first time. He really enjoyed it, because they also gave him a back massage and a hot towel for his head and face!

Some days I can still capture a genuine smile, although it's a rare occasion!

This particular night was rough. Finn woke me up at 12:30am, 2am, 4am and then was up for good at 5am. By the time he went back to sleep, Fox woke up. And although I’m tired, I’m grateful for those two sweet boys who are snuggled up in my bed this morning. Because one day there won’t be any kids in my bed, one day, I’ll get a full night’s sleep, one day I won’t step on a million legos that cover the floors of my house, one day I won’t ruin anyone’s day because I tell them to go brush their teeth, one day I will get to eat a meal in peace and quiet and one day they won’t need me anymore. Luckily, today is not that day. This is the life I dreamed of for so many years and I’m feeling so grateful I get to live it and call these babies mine. The days are long, but the years are short. 

February 17, 2019

Finn | 27 weeks

Finn is 27 weeks old and that means he is closer to one than he is to birth. Pass the tissues!

Fox on the left and Finn on the right! I don't see much resemblance anymore, but people tell me they definitely look like brothers.

He's just always so happy!

He loves to swing!

February 14, 2019

My Valentines

This photoshoot will forever be remembered as the greatest shit show ever.
Usually Fox is very good with our photographer, especially since she only takes 10 minutes and is hilarious, I'm not sure what was up on this particular day, but he was bouncing of the walls.

You won't be able to tell, because as always, she still got some great shots, but man, it was a hell lot of work to get these.

These were Finn's first sitting pictures...how is he this big already?

My forever Valentines...crazy or not, they're mine and I love them more than anything!