November 19, 2017

Fox's Big Boy (Space) Bedroom

This post is long overdue, but after 9 months, Fox's new bedroom has been completed. Of course, it didn't take this long to do the remodel, but throw in some trips over the summer, ordering furniture, decorating and just being busy in general, here we are, nine months in the making.

When we decided to transition Fox into a big boy bedroom, we fully expected to have a newborn move right into the nursery shortly after. As you know, that didn't happen, so said nursery is still sitting there, just waiting for its next occupant. 
Anyway, we originally planned to keep Fox in his current bedroom and showed him some options for big boy beds online. I was in love with the treehouse bed from Pottery Barn Kids for the longest time, that would've matched the theme of the nursery perfectly and while Fox loved it too, once he saw his current bed, he quickly changed his mind. So we decided to keep the nursery the same and give him a whole new room.

We had two tiny guest rooms right next to each other, so when Hannah moved back to Germany, we hired our favorite contractor to take down the wall between those two rooms to make it larger. That was the original plan, but if you know my wife, then you also know that she lives by the motto "Go big or go home", so she insisted to add another bathroom to this room as well. And I'm so glad she did. 

It turned out that adding a bathroom wasn't the easiest thing to do for our house so we had to demolish our beautiful, three year old floors in the hallways to start a pipe that would go from Fox's new room all the way through the hallway, through the playroom and then outside. The playroom floor was older, so we didn't mind upgrading those as well, but we had to live without a playroom for about a month or two, but it all worked out. 
This is the hallway leading into he playroom. Under these boards was a four foot hole that would house the new piping.

And this is our playroom, lovely, isn't it?

This is a picture of the two rooms after the wall was taken down, you can see the separation and how small these rooms originally were. 

Fox loved to show off his new, unfinished room to everyone who came to visit, he was so proud.
Here they had just put up the framing for his new bathroom. 

The construction was pretty easy compared to the kitchen remodel. They mostly worked while we were at school and work and we could close the doors when we came home and not see the mess. 

New floors were being laid.

The beginning of his shower

Katie always does such an amazing job with all of our remodels. I get easily overwhelmed and have problems picking out things like cabinets, tiles and fixtures that will all go together, but she knows exactly what she's doing without doing a single search for inspiration on Pinterest.

We had some problems with this countertop though, they originally installed the wrong one due to a misunderstanding, so they had to rip it out and replace it. 

Fast forward a couple of months and we had drywall, fresh paint, floors and even a light fixture!

And here are the AFTER pictures! 
Fox has been obsessed with anything related to Space, so when he saw this rocket bed, it was pretty much a done deal. 

This picture lights up as well, you can see it a little bit in the picture, we got it at Pottery Barn Kids.

His finished shower

I love this mobile so much! We wanted to hang it over his bed, but after all the light fixtures and fans were in, we quickly realized that there wasn't any room, so we hung it in the bathroom and we love it there. 

View from his bedroom

Our contractor convinced us that we needed a barn door and we were skeptical at first, because in our mind, a barn door needed to be rustic looking, but he and Katie came up with this awesome and modern design and we love it!

View from the Hallway door

This light fixture also came from Pottery Barn Kids and it's one of my favorite pieces of the room.

This spaceship was Fox's birthday present this year and it has been a big hit ever since.

We wanted the closet to be the same size as his nursery closet was and they did a great job creating an exact replica of it.

Moon Nightlight

The bed has a seat in the front where you can sit and launch your rocket. We always fill up this area with blankets and pillows, because otherwise Fox would roll right into it in the middle of the night.

When the area rugs finally came in three months after we ordered them, we had to call over two of Katie's brothers to help lift the bed, so we could slide the rug a little underneath it. They laughed at me and thought I was being dramatic when I told them the bed was 500lbs and we couldn't get it up ourselves, but quickly realized that I didn't exgaterate and it took all four of us to lift this thing half an inch off the ground. Not sure how we will ever get it out of there, he will just have to sleep in it until he moves out. 

See what I mean? Here he is, sleeping in the cockpit on top of the blankets and pillows we piled up. 
He loves his bed, but let me just tell you, the minute it came in, he asked me where his treehouse bed was...ha!
The transition into a new room and big boy bed was so much easier than I anticipated. We had a lot of issues the last few weeks in his crib where he didn't want to sleep anymore, claiming he was scared and someone was shaking his bed. He was just in pure terror, to the point that we let him sleep on a mattress in our room, but it was still a nightmare getting him to sleep every night. 
So when his bedroom was finished enough for him to sleep in it, it was such a blessing for everyone. He laid down in his new bed and went right to sleep and that was it. He has been in his new room for almost 6 months now and not once said that he was scared in there.

We absolutely love how his room and bathroom turned out and he is so proud of showing off his room to everyone. 

November 15, 2017

Zoo Trip with Friends

Last weekend, we met up with our friends to see the dinosaurs at the zoo. It's a special exhibit they have going on right now and it was really cool, although Fox kept getting more and more scared as we passed the huge dinosaurs, so we quickly moved on to the regular part of the zoo.

Brushing off dinosaurs fossils

We've had a zoo membership for almost three years now and never fed the giraffes. Not entirely sure why, but it was definitely not our last time, because Fox loved it. 

Always having a blast together!

Bringing this wagon to the zoo was one of the worst decisions of man kind. Fox wanted Jake to sit in the wagon with him, Jake was only interested in pulling the wagon. And by pulling, I mean running with it. There was a lot of patience needed for both Mamas and a lot of pouting going on from both boys. Whew...! And even though it was a semi stressful morning for us, we had such a great time. But next time, the wagon will stay home! :)

They thought it was hilarious to use my feet as a seat and kept cracking up when I told them that I was not a chair. 

I'm grateful for our friendship and all the fun days we get to spend together!

November 12, 2017

Pumpkin Carving

Just a few pictures from before Halloween that I need to get into my next Blog Book! :)

Katie loves to carve pumpkins, it's the only Halloween tradition she insists on and is really passionate about. I'm not a fan and neither is Fox. He didn't like it when he was one year old and still thinks it's the grossest thing he's ever seen.

We basically had to beg him to help open the pumpkin before he told us he was all done and continued with his game of throwing rocks in the front yard.

Needless to say, Katie had to finish the job by herself and had the time of her life doing so!