December 09, 2016

Fox | 2.5 Years

Height and Weight:
He is about 36 inches tall and weighs 30lbs

I already told you about his allergies in this post and that’s pretty much everything that changed since my last update 6 months ago.
He started preschool in September and has been getting sick a lot more than usual, like at least once a month, which has been frustrating. When this happens, we always keep him home with Hannah for at least a week, but I’m not sure how this is going to work out when Hannah leaves. How do other working parents handle this…I have no idea. I just hope he builds up his immune system and gets sick less often.  I know it’s to be expected for him to get sick more in a school situation, but come on…the poor guy!

Bubba, Turkey, Schatzi, Bubbles, Mr. Fox, Foxy, Pumpkin, Poodle

His pickiness has been getting a lot better, he is more willing to try new foods and sometimes likes them. Not a great eater though and usually always wants to eat the same things! He loves chicken nuggets and fish sticks, blueberries, smoothies (that’s where we sneak in the vegetables), Sandwiches or Bagels with Peanut Butter and Honey, coconut or soy Yogurt and Granola Bars.
We will just keep trying and offer him new foods regularly. He even ate turkey for Thanksgiving which was a huge surprise to us!

He dropped his nap pretty quickly after his second birthday. So right now he sleeps from 7:30pm to 7 or 8am every morning. He does very well with it and it works for all of us. He still does one hour of “rest time” in his crib every day from 1-2pm, where he can play with his toys.

Only pull ups at night, no more diapers during the day!

18-24 months pants, some 2T. He wears 3T shirts and Jammies and size 7 shoes!

I asked him if he could sit still for one picture and this is what I got...ha!

Ever since he started school this summer, he has been doing much better in social situations. He now plays with other kids and sometimes even goes up to older kids at the playground and asks them to play with him. He loves school and made a best friend there.
He still doesn’t like crowds though and is a total homebody. He would be happy being home and playing with his toys all day, every day. 

Funny Phrases:
Now I know that no one but me wants to read all this, but I want to write it all down, so it goes in our blog book/Fox’s memory book! I made notes on my phone over the last 6 months…so here we go:

24 months

  • "Now what?"

25 months
  • Katie told Fox to be polite and say please and thank you when he wanted to get a toy from her and Fox said "I already have it”.
  • "Popsicles make me sad"
  • Ash asked if she was old (no), if mommy was old (no), if mama was old (no, Mama is a babe) That’s my kid! :)
  • Instead of saying “I didn’t do it either” he says “I did not do it too"
  • Called me a Drama queen
  • One Night he woke up screaming and when I went into his room, he said he had a nightmare that he tripped on the ice and hit his booty.

26 months

  • "I'll protect you cuddle buddy" (Cuddle Buddy is his stuffed animal)

27 months
  • Says "Me turn” instead of “My turn"
  • One night I was rocking him before bed and started singing. He quickly said: "Your singing makes me sad. Let's be quiet."
  • Another Nightmare: He said “Catboy shake my bed” and when I told him it was just a dream, he told Katie “Dream shake my bed"
  • He always asks "Where am I going?” to find out what the plan for the day is
  • "Music hurt my ears"
  • Fox and Hannah found a scorpion in the house and when they flushed it down the toilet Fox said “He’s going home to his big scorpion family"
  • I was checking on him in the bathroom and he said "I'm still pooping, get out!"
  • He says “Ready, steady, go" instead of “Ready, set, go"

28 months

  • Grandpa taught him to say "You're a slow poke"
  • He was playing soccer and said "Mommy, did you see my best moves?"
  • "We are going to have so much fun today! Cosie (our dog) won't have fun. He has to protect the house."
  • He got new shoes and said he loved them, followed with “I like kids that have these shoes"
  • "Where's my mama?"
  • One night I gave him a kiss while rocking him before bedtime and he said: "Thank you Mama, you're my best friend!"
  • He was flexing his arms and said: "Test my muscles!"
  • Says "Where we are?" Instead of “Where are we?"
  • He told us his favorite part about our Disneyland Trip was staying in the Mickey Mouse Hotel
  • Me: “What makes you happy?” Fox: “Mama” Me: “What does Mama do to make you happy?” Fox: “ Wakes me up!"

29 months

  • Favorite color is green
  • When asked a questions, he always answers with: "I will, I won't, or I do!"
  • "You kidding me?"
  • "I don't want to talk right now "
  • "It's a beautiful day"

30 months

  • Says Aldegator instead of alligator 
  • Says Eldevator instead of elevator
  • Says Lion instead of line 
  • When asked his name, he will say his full name
  • Thinks my name is babe
  • "Are you talking to me, Mama?”
  • One day I was telling him how smart and handsome and kind he is and when I stopped, he said “Talk more about me, Mama!"
  • He always says: "Tell a story about me!"

Bigger kids, being the center of attention, watching videos of himself, pretend driving in our cars, carousels, Charlie Brown and the Peanuts (Books, Movies, Toys, he loves it all), Sports Class, Swim Class, reading books in Mama’s bed, Stamps, playgrounds, playing with Grandpa, having Dance Parties, bossing us around, “working” (pretends to be on the phone and works on his “computer” which really is a calculator), airplanes, Playmobil, sleeping in Hotel Rooms, Disneyland, pretend cooking in his play kitchen, the color green, going to school, being silly, jumping

Putting lotion on after his bath, when we don’t allow him to do something, trying new foods, washing his hair, going anywhere that is not home, getting buckled in his car seat, hair cuts

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  1. I love that you wrote / write down all these funny phrases - I smiled more than ones :) These are going to be such great memories, for you and for him!
    My favorite ones: "I don't want to talk right now ", One day I was telling him how smart and handsome and kind he is and when I stopped, he said “Talk more about me, Mama!"


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