December 30, 2016

Christmas Day 2016

This is what you call a Pinterest fail! Or maybe it's just a mom fail! Several friends of mine pointed out that this looks like Santa was hopping across the floor instead of walking. Haha. Good thing I only have a two year old and I have some time to improve my skills! :)

An older child would've also noticed that the carrots weren't bitten, but rather cut, but again, I got away with it this year! Fox was a little disappointed though that Santa didn't eat all of the cookies!

When Fox FINALLY woke up at 9:20am, he was super excited to open his stocking. 
Last year, we totally forgot to get him stocking gifts, and all of his gifts were too big to fit in there, so we improvised with things we already had at home (not that it mattered for a 19 month old), which is probably why we went a little overboard this year and bought way too many stocking gifts, not realizing how tiny his stocking was!

After we opened stockings, Katie's family came over and we had breakfast together.

Followed by opening gifts.

Fox's only Christmas wish was a Barbie airplane. He put it on his "wish board" back in early November and every time he was asked what he wanted, this is what he said. 
So a Barbie airplane is what he got, and he was so happy! Apparently it was a hot item this year, so I had to drive 1.5hrs to get it, but it was so worth it. 

Grandma was happy about her gift from Fox as well (it's an apron).

This is the PJ Masks Headquarters. He played with it for hours!

We played, ate, some of us took a little nap (not Fox of course), laughed and finished the night with a game of cards against humanity, followed by Ring around the Rosie in Fox's playroom. He thought it was the best ever and was so happy that everyone participated.
It was one of the best Christmases yet!

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  1. Ich bin erst vor ein paar Tagen auf deinen Blog gestoßen und habe die Beiträge in jeder freien und eigentlich verplanten Zeit gelesen :D es ist toll, dass du so regelmäßig berichtest und wie sich für euch Drei alles entwickelt hat! Fox ist super süß, Katie und du wirken unglaublich glücklich, eure Familien super sympathisch und das Haus ist ein Traum! Ich freue mich auf viele weitere Blogbeiträge und in der Zwischenzeit schaue ich wohl mal bei Youtube vorbei (auch wenn sich das nicht während meiner Arbeitszeit einbauen lässt) Liebe Grüße, Katrin


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