December 28, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 51

Day 351
No day is complete without a dance party at our house! One day, Fox heard this song on the radio and said "I like this song!" It has since become his favorite song and he NEEDS to dance to it, whenever it plays! He certainly got his moves from me! :)

Day 352
We rode the Polar Express!

Day 353
My old host mom (from when I was an au pair in 2001) sent Fox some amazing gifts. This art table is just one of them, she really spoiled him and Fox was so excited to open his presents and has not stopped playing with them since. She used to own a few toy stores and I remember her kids always having the best toys...I see she still has amazing taste!

Day 354
We went out to look at some Christmas lights

Day 355
Fox really got into the Elf on the Shelf this year and loved looking for him every morning! He became quite the pro at spotting him (even when he was less obvious than riding a dinosaur on the piano)!

Day 356
Pediatrician Appointment, clearly, he doesn't mind this place and had fun with Doctor Nick!

Day 357
I was super sick and stayed home from work that day. Fox kept me company for a while and we watched a Show together before he decided hanging out in my room wasn't as fun as playing with Hannah!

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