December 05, 2016

Family Pictures

I have a Love/Hate Relationship with Family Pictures. I love the end result and it's always worth it in the end, but getting's like nails on a chalkboard to me. 

I've followed this photographer on Facebook for a few years now and always loved her work, but she only does maternity and newborn pictures. Once a year, she opens up 9 spots for family sessions and when she announced this year, I knew I wanted to get in with her. She is crazy expensive, she doesn't let you choose a date or time and you also don't have any say in the location...sounds like a real dream huh?
I knew getting a spot would be worse than Black Friday Shopping, because she is THAT popular, so I set my alarm for the time she released the application process and kept refreshing my internet browser every 10 seconds, waiting for the announcement. I know, crazy, but apparently that's what you had to do, because when I emailed her immediately after she posted the rules, we got the last spot. Eeks!
Not sure how I made this happen, but somehow Katie volunteered to wear a dress for the pictures (I've seen her in a dress only once before in the last ten years!) and I think she looked so beautiful!

The pictures were taken on the side of a road in a little wash area, but you wouldn't even know by looking at these.

I love that the photographer suggested to take a couple of pictures of just Katie and I, because I think we only have one other professional picture with just the two of us.

Look at this stud!

While I love the pictures, I don't think I would hire her again for Family Pictures. The pictures are all very sweet, but I think I prefer pictures that are more candid, show us having fun with each other and less posed. 
But, I can't wait to hire her for our next maternity pictures, her work is amazing and our maternity pictures with Fox were so disappointing and something I will never get back. And no, this is not a pregnancy announcement! ;)

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