December 10, 2016

Thanksgiving in Mexico

We spent Thanksgiving at Katie's grandma's house in Mexico. This was Fox's 4th trip down there, but the second one he could remember. He talked about our last trip there back in May often, so we were excited about taking him back. 

The weather was surprisingly nice and not too cold. We've been to Mexico a few times over Thanksgiving and the weather can be hit or miss. 
Grandpa Wes gave Fox some special goggles that he wouldn't take off. 

Just like last time, he loved to play outside!

Yes, I am wearing slippers on the beach. I'm always cold and these are the most comfortable slippers I have ever owned and I would wear them all day long if I could (Katie's mom bought them for me in Alaska - best gift ever!).

Playing airplanes

Great-Grandpa Wes and Fox

The day after Thanksgiving we went into town to have some lunch.

Love these two!

Fox had a great time and so did we. But after all the traveling we did this year, we are ready to be home and not go anywhere for a while!

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