December 23, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 50

Day 344
We took Mr. Fox to see Santa!

Day 345
His face when he saw (fake) snow!

Day 346
Santa landed in a helicopter at a local airport, of course Fox was more interested in meeting the pilots than Santa!

Day 347
We went to a Resort that had a huge Christmas display and invited Fox's great grandma along. Usually Fox doesn't really like characters, but for whatever reason he loved this "Shivers" guy.

Day 348
I had the rare opportunity to take Fox to his basketball class and see him in action. This is when they ended the class and counted to three and then yelled "TEAM!". We have since done this about 142 times at home. Fox always explains to me that I get two stamps if I yell "Team" loud, only one stamp if I do it quietly. 

Day 349
Reading a Christmas Book with Mommy!

Day 350
My best friend had a baby and my day was made by getting to hold him! Love this little guy already!

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