June 09, 2016

Fox| 24 Month Update

­Here we go, his last monthly Update! I can’t believe I made it this long. Since he won’t be changing too much from now on, I’ll do maybe twice a year updates instead of boring you with the monthly ones (is anyone even still reading this?). I’m so glad I did though, because it’s nice to look back and have everything documented and eventually be able to compare it with our second child.

Height & Weight:
35.75 inches and 27lbs

Well, last month I told you he had an ear infection and was put on antibiotics for it. Nine days after starting the antibiotic, he started to get a rash, just one single spot on his stomach in the morning and by lunch his entire body was covered. We took him to Urgent Care since it was a Saturday and they diagnosed an Amoxicillin Allergy and told us to give him Benedryl. The rash was very itchy, so we did Oatmeal Baths, Aquaphor Lotion and Benedryl, but it only got worse as time went by, so we took another trip to Urgent Care the next day. They weren’t too worried, but told us to go see his regular doctor the next day, which we did. By that time, Fox had enough of doctors and was not happy to go to his once beloved doc. He prescribed steroids and warned us about the awesome side effect, like sleepless nights and irritability. Let’s just say the next five days weren’t fun for anyone, but luckily it cleared his skin right up!
He also had his third dentist visit this month and everything looked awesome! We learned that he is now cutting his last molars, but so far he has been doing pretty well with it!

Bubba, Turkey, Schatzi, Bubbles, Mr. Fox, Foxy, Pumpkin, Poodle

Picky, Picky, Picky! Katie loves Red Robin, and Fox has grown to love it too now, which is very unfortunate, because I hate that place. One day, I asked him what he wanted to do and he said: “Red Robin please!”

Fox decided that 5am was an acceptable time to get up in the mornings. I remember we had this issue last summer as well, when it got light out so early, but he has black out shades now, so I’m not sure what the issue is, but I’m hoping it will pass quickly!

Hopefully we are at the end of this! We started potty training and it’s going really well so far, he is definitely ready!

24 months or 2T Shirts and 18 months pants, Size 6.5 Shoe  

Still shy in groups and likes to play by himself. He doesn’t like to go anywhere and always wants to stay home. He also started to be scared of loud noises like the blender.
He is such a sweet boy and super emotional, caring and loving. We were in Mexico this month and Katie and Hannah were eating lunch at a restaurant, that had a little cave next to it, where you could walk through. It was super dark in there and kind of creepy, so I told Fox that I was scared. He took my hand and said “Mama be alright!” Seriously, sweetest thing I ever heard, I hope he always wants to protect his Mama and will hold my hand for many more years to come!
He was super whiny this month, always wanted to be carried and held. Maybe his teething had something to do with it, who knows!

My favorite words and sentences this month:
  • Hey Guys
  • Hmmm…let me think (he even places a finger on his mouth when he says that)
  • Good Job, Mama…I love you

A few other things I want to remember:
  • He started saying Thank You for everything and it is super adorable. For example, when we drive somewhere, he says” “Thank You Mommy, for driving”, or “Thank you Mommy, cooking” when he gets his dinner.
  • He told me that PJ Masks (it’s a TV show on Disney) are coming to his Birthday Party!
  • Says “I love you” unprompted all the time now, he also always says “Good Job Mama, I love you!” (He can’t say Good Job without following it up with “I love you”)
  • Tells our dog Cosie what he did that morning, i.e. when he comes back from soccer class, he will tell him all about it
  • He also tries to get Cosie’s attention all the time, saying “Look Cosie, truck!”, “Look Cosie, pee pee in the toilet!”, he needs to show him EVERYTHING!
  • Says “God bless you!” when someone sneezes
  • Started to tell us “Stop that” this month

Being outside, bigger kids, baths in his mommies bath tub (with colors and bubbles), being the center of attention, watching videos of himself, playing hide and seek, pretend driving in our cars, playing soccer, baseball and basketball, being independent, balls, riding those mechanical cars in the mall, climbing, playing Mini Golf and Hockey, Carousels, Gymboree, Trampoline Park, watching PJ Masks or Peppa Pig, Soccer Class, reading books in Mama’s bed, his bounce house, stuffed animals, Stickers, Stamps, playgrounds, blankets (he always wants to be covered in a blanket when we read books and he drinks his milk, no matter how hot it is), playing with Grandpa, having Dance Parties, playing with his train table, bossing us around

Putting lotion on after his bath, when we don’t allow him to do something, when we go inside after playing outside, trying new foods, when someone he loves gets hurt, long car rides, washing his hair, going anywhere that is not home

Fun things we did:
We celebrated his second birthday with his friends and had a lot of fun! We also went to Mexico to the beach and Fox had a blast playing in the sand and water.

What we’re looking forward to:
The coming year with our TWO year old! How is he two already?


  1. Sorry to hear about the little guy's allergies. My son also had a similar reaction to an antibiotic we gave him. It took a while to get rid of but eventually it settled after lots of oat baths etc. Glad you are documenting all these things about your son. It will be nice to look back on it, keep going.

    Darryl Hier @ U.S. HealthWorks Tukwila (Fort Dent)


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