December 18, 2016

Milk & Cookies

Our amazing photographer has done it again! These might be my favorite pictures of the year and oh, how I wish that we hadn't printed and sent our Christmas Cards yet! 

It was a Milk & Cookies Photo Shoot, so since Fox has allergies, we had to bring our own (Almond) Milk and (Vegan) Cookies. I don't think Fox has had cookies before, at least not for at least six months when he developed the allergies, so obviously he was a big fan.

Katie and I decided to jump into the pictures as well and I'm so glad we did.

We were all supposed to wear the same pajamas, but I didn't plan well and ordered ours a few days before the photo shoot and when they sent us the wrong color, it was too late to exchange them. It still worked out though.

Love my little family!

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  1. Ohhh...he got soo big in the last weeks. Growth spurt, huh?
    Happy Holidays


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