December 14, 2016

Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our Christmas Home Tour!
I always get super excited thinking about decorating for Christmas, until I go into our Shed where we keep all of our Christmas decorations and realize how many boxes I have to drag into the house. 
It's always fun to unpack everything though because I always forget about something we had.
My friend came over and asked me if the fourth stocking was for the new baby (and no, I'm not pregnant). So before anyone starts spreading rumors, it's Hannah's stocking! ;)

Every year, I frame his picture with Santa

Our coworker Sandi gave Fox this advent calendar last year, but it has all these itty bitty toys in it, so we didn't give it to him last year. He loves it this year though and it's the first thing he asks about when he wakes up, if he can open a door!

And you've probably seen this Advent Calendar for a few years now, it's the one I always fill for Katie.

My most prized Christmas possession is this foot print plate! I should've colored it on a canvas, because the thought of breaking it seriously makes me panic, so each year, I wrap it in about ten towels and hope for the best!

For the first time, our elf (which Fox named "airplane") made an appearance this year. I bought him many years before Fox was even conceived and I have about 157 pins on Pinterest with ideas for him. For this year, he just moves around the house without getting into too much mischief. Next year we'll go ALL out though...I can't wait!

Fox has two little trees in his bedroom as well!

See that red poster board? That's Fox's wish list for Santa. He was very specific about the toys he wanted to cut out of the catalog and put on there. My favorite on his list is Barbie's Airplane, Santa might just have to bring it to him this year!

Our Christmas Village has found a home in our dining room this year

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