September 04, 2016

French Polynesia - Day 2 (Huahine)

Welcome to the beautiful island of Huahine, French Polynesia!

We didn't have any excursions booked for this day, because they were completely sold out. We heard from some other ladies, that all excursions book super fast and next time we need to order the minute they get published. Like literally that minute...we tried to book about three days after they released them and a lot of them were already booked!

We left the ship after we had a nice breakfast on the top deck via the Tender that brought us back and forth from the ship to the island.

We walked around for a little bit, but it turned out that there was nothing to do at the port and it was super hot that day, so our stay was short-lived. 

When we got back on the ship, we went down to the Marina and took advantage of their paddle boards. I never paddle boarded before and was a little nervous about it, but looking back, this was one of the most amazing afternoons during the entire trip.

We paddle boarded right off the ship and there was no one else, no other boats, no other people, just the two of us and the the gorgeous weather and view!

We paddle boarded all the way to the shore, which was fairly easy, because the current took us there for the most part...not thinking about having to paddle all the way back to the ship! It was hard you guys, we probably were out there for two hours and got a tan (aka sunburn) with it.
But it was so beautiful, so quiet and an experience I won't forget for the rest of my life.

Afterwards we went to the top deck and relaxed for a while.

The ship was super tiny, at least compared to the other cruises we had taken in the past. There were only about 300 passengers and you could definitely tell that we were on a smaller ship, because we both got really sick from the rocking of the ship on several nights. 

The service however was unbelievable. We had our own butler and you never had to even raise a finger, the staff made sure you were completely taken care of during all hours of the day (and night). 

This was our balcony. Katie had booked us a suite on the top deck and it was much larger than any of the other cruise rooms we ever had before. We loved sitting there, enjoying the view, eating dessert (for all of you who never took a cruise - Room Service is completely free, as well as all food and drinks, so having five desserts a day is totally acceptable...ha!) or I worked on my Etsy Orders. 

Next up: Our first shark experience! 


  1. the island looks just like out of a movie!!! soooo beautiful!

    Katie looks great too, did she lose a lot of weight?!

    1. It truly was beautiful there!
      Yes, she did, she lost over 50lbs this year! She'll be happy you said that! :)


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