September 17, 2016

Bora Bora - St. Regis Resort

After we left the cruise ship, we headed to the Papette airport to fly to Bora Bora for our next part of the trip. 

Leaving the ship and not flying home, but flying somewhere else, was the hardest for me. At that point, I was really ready to go home to hug my boy. I knew he was fine and that he had a great time with Hannah and his grandparents. In fact, we could watch him from the ship on our security cameras and he was having the time of his life.
It took me a day to get over it, and how can you not, with this view?
This is the boat that brought us directly from the airport to our resort. We didn't even have to get our luggage or anything, they handled it all!
We stayed at the beautiful St. Regis Resort, some of you might have seen it in the movie "Couples Retreat" (which played 24/7 on one assigned channel in our bungalow - that's right, they had their own channel for it!)

Katie had booked us an over the water bungalow with a view of the mountain.

The suite was bigger than our first apartment!

This is our private patio, we could jump right into the water from here and spent many nights after dinner sitting on the lounge chairs, looking at the stars and listening to the water.

I this real life?

The Resort had two pools, this was one of them.

This is hard to see, but the colorful objects in the middle are bikes. The Resort was so big that you had to take a bike to get anywhere, to your bungalow, to the restaurant, etc. We really enjoyed riding our bikes every day, although it was hard to find a "good one", and when you finally did, someone else took it from you while you had breakfast...ha! Alternatively you could call the resort and they would send someone with a golf cart, if you didn't want to ride a bike.

They had canoes and paddle boards available for the guests, but we never took one, because they didn't allow you to go very far, only up to the white buoys that you can see in this picture here and after our last experience on the ship, we were spoiled! :)

Katie had a blast jumping into the water from our patio! We sent some videos of her doing this to Fox and he loved it.

Breakfast and Dinner was included in our reservation, although it wasn't especially great, considering this was a 5 Star Resort. The first morning I poured milk in my cereal and there was a GIANT cockroach in it...disgusting. 
Lunch was ridiculously expensive, like everything else at the resort. A sandwich was $38, a soda $7, to give you an idea. Crazy! But there was no option to leave and eat elsewhere.

It was seriously a dream come true, very surreal and and unbelievable experience.
Such a beautiful place and we truly enjoyed every minute at this fabulous resort!

Next up are the Excursions we did during our Bora Bora Stay...stay tuned!

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