September 08, 2016

French Polynesia - Day 4 (Rangiroa)

Our next stop was Rangiroa, French Polynesia and the weather couldn't have been more perfect!

We had our first excursion planned on this day and went snorkeling with these guys!
To be totally honest, as much as I love the beach, I do not like going into the ocean. I get cold and having hundreds of fish swimming around me was freaking me out a little. But how could you not get into the water when it's this beautiful?

This picture was taken by one of the other ladies from our cruise. She had a special camera attachment that would shoot pictures like this one...just so amazing! Katie and I tried to get this attachment right before our cruise, but when it came in the mail, parts of it were missing and we were so bummed! We are planning to get it before our next cruise, so hopefully we'll get another chance at this...although no location will ever compete with this one! 

So we were floating in the ocean with all these fish and all of the sudden people around us kept yelling that there are sharks underneath us. one had said anything about us going snorkeling with sharks! 
But weirdly enough, no one freaked out, everyone around us was really excited and kept "chasing" the sharks, trying to get a picture or glimpse of them. There were swimming much deeper than us and Katie got this video of was really cool!

We got back to the ship and planned to go kayaking from the Marina of the boat, but met another couple (Amanda and Aimee) at the pool that we had met the previous day during our shark sightings, so we hung out with them for a while.

I got pretty sunburned (and yes, I was wearing SPF 100), so I went back to the room to get some work done in the shade of the balcony. I wish all my work days would look like this...ha!
While looking through my pictures, I realized that I failed miserably at taking any pictures on the ship or at night.
That night, we had dinner with Amanda and Aimee and three other couples and went to the Ship's "White Party" afterwards. 
It was a fun night!

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