September 20, 2016

Jet Skies and ATV Tour in Bora Bora

You made it! It's the last vacation post!

The last excursion we did was a ATV and Jet Skiing Tour, again on the Main Island. 

Ready to leave the resort! 

I sent this picture to my brother in law and he immediately commented how smart it was that Katie didn't let me drive my own ATV. He was referring to what happened on this vacation HERE! Ha!

Look familiar? Same spot the jeep tour brought us to, where we visited the canons!

The tour also went to the bunker where I had my freakout, but this time they gave us a buffet local fruits to eat, which was amazing! 

After our tour, we went jet skiing again. 
Katie's favorite activity, can you tell?

They brought us close to this small island where the water was super shallow and gave us some fruit.

Isn't this cute?

Well, here we are. I made it to the end of my vacation posts, whew! I'll be glad in a few years to have the memories and pictures to look back to, we already miss this place fiercely!

I'm so thankful for Katie who worked incredibly hard to make this happen for us, she planned the entire trip and her work truly showed. It was the vacation of a lifetime and while it was certainly not easy to leave Fox behind, it was amazing for our relationship and to make these incredible memories together. 
We couldn't wait to get back home and see his reaction, which went like this:
He came running towards us, super excited, then stopped right in front of us, said "oh hey", turned around and went back to the house. Hahaha. It was funny! I think he was a little confused and shy during that first hour of us returning, but he told us all about his adventures with Grandpa and had a great time. I think Grandma had an even better time, being able to take care of her little love for the entire weekend (they never watched him overnight before). We feel so blessed and grateful to everyone who made it possible to leave Fox with such a piece of mind, both sets of grandparents and Hannah!

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  1. Habe deine Urlaubsposts immer gerne gelesen! Und es sieht echt nach einem absoluten Traumurlaub aus! Freue mich wieder von euch zu hören bzw zu lesen:D liebe grüße aus Deutschland


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