September 13, 2016

French Polynesia - Day 6 (Taha'a)

This was our favorite day during the entire trip! Although every day had new adventures in store for us, we loved this day the best because it was so relaxing and spent with new friends.
Welcome to the beautiful island of Taha'a!

The ship had rented a private island and it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Crystal clear water, white sand, palm trees and thankfully the weather had turned around from the day before and it was gorgeous out!
We took one of their kayaks out for a bit, until we got stuck on a big coral reef...ha!

They greeted us to the island with coconut water!

The ship had also organized a BBQ for us right at the beach and the food choices were just as good as on the ship (and everything was included).

Floating bar!

Katie and I took a little walk all around the small island.

We spent most of the day just hanging out in the water and it was such a nice change from the "busy" days before.
(The following pictures were taken by one of the other passengers who had that awesome GoPro attachment for her camera. She was so sweet to take pictures of everyone and then posting them to the group's Facebook page)

We didn't FaceTime with Fox at all during our vacation because we thought it might be too hard on him, but we sent pictures and videos back and forth. Pictures like this one...haha.

We also brought one of his stuffed animals (Fuchs) with us on the trip and kept taking pictures of Fuchs doing all kind of fun things and sitting on the most beautiful beaches of the world, so that was super fun for Fox as well and he loved that.

Our group was the last ones to get off the island, we never wanted to leave. Here we are on the tender that brought us back to the ship.

Once we got back on the ship, we headed straight to the top deck for their 80's party...this picture of Amanda cracks me up!

Katie and Amanda

We got to sail away with a gorgeous view of Bora Bora in the distance!

After we all showered and got dressed, we met back at the restaurant to have dinner together. Katie and I only made it past the appetizers, because the ship was especially rocky that night and we both got super!

It was such a great day!
Next up: Our last day on the boat, jet skiing and a stingray attack! 

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