September 05, 2016

French Polynesia - Day 3 (Fakarava)

We woke up to cloudy skies on the island of Fakarava. The main reason we love crusing so much, is that you get to experience another beautiful place every day! We didn't have any excursions booked this day and before we left the ship I told Katie that it would be so cool if they rented bikes on the island so we could go out and explore on our own. Low and behold, we got off the Tender that brought us to the island and there were bikes! We were so happy!

We started biking along the shore and it couldn't have been any more beautiful.

After a few minutes we saw a local couple at the edge of the water, cutting up fish and throwing it in the ocean. We were wondering what they were doing, so we stopped and couldn't believe that they were feeding sharks!
Neither of us had ever seen a shark (besides in an aquarium) and we were in complete awe.

They came super close to the shore to eat the fish and the couple encouraged us to go into the water to touch them and we looked at them like they were crazy! Funny to think back to this day and our fear, because little did we know what we would be doing only two short days later...ha!

As you can see, that's as close as we got, but the couple went into the water with them! 

It was a truly amazing experience!

After our "shark experience", we kept biking around the island and were so glad that it was so overcast and not hot, it was perfect for biking!

The island was super skinny, but long, and it took only two minutes to get from one edge of the island (where we saw the sharks) to the other side, where the waves were much rougher!

I don't exactly remember what we did the rest of the day once we returned to the ship, but I'm pretty sure it involved relaxing by the pool while playing cards, taking a nap and playing Bingo before dinner!
Another beautiful day in paradise! 

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