September 03, 2016

French Polynesia - Day 1 (Tahiti)

We just got back from the vacation of a lifetime!
Katie and I had planned for years to take one big, child-free vacation before we would have another baby (or even think about becoming pregnant), so when we booked this trip over a year ago, my anxiety about leaving Fox was already through the roof and just kept increasing the closer we got to this trip.
Of course I was looking forward to this amazing trip, but the thoughts of leaving Fox for two full weeks was freaking me out. We never left him for more than three nights and we both worried about how our absence would effect him, effect us and that anything could happen to any of us. I knew that the anticipation to this trip was worse than actually leaving him and that he would be 100% fine, but it was hard nonetheless. 
Surprisingly, Katie was the only one who cried the day we left! Fox was stoked when we told him that Grandma and Grandpa would be staying with him, he raised his arms in the air and yelled "YAY!"

So, since we took about 2000 pictures, I will split this into several posts...and don't worry, you won't have to scroll through 2000 pictures! :)

We left Friday night and flew to Los Angeles, and from there to Tahiti! Since we had a midnight flight to Tahiti, it was easy to sleep on the plane, so we weren't a wreck when we finally landed in Paradise!

Our cruise wouldn't depart until late that night and since we landed at 5am, Katie had booked us a day room at a hotel in Tahiti, where we could get some sleep and shower before going on the cruise ship. This was the sunrise at the hotel, it was gorgeous!

We had some breakfast when we first arrived and then hung out by the beach for a couple of hours, waiting for our room to be ready by 10am.

This was the view from our balcony...not that we were able to enjoy it very much, because we slept for about six hours and then got ready.

We took a walk on the beach and sat by the pool for a while, until our driver picked us up to bring us to the cruise ship.

Ready to get on the ship!

The Cruise Ship was a Paul Gauguin ship, but we booked this trip through a company called "Olivia" who specializes in Lesbian Trips. 
We have heard of them for years, but they are a lot more expensive than "regular" cruises, but when one of our clients from work kept raving about them, we had to see what all the fuss was about.
We don't really know a lot of gay people and I haven't been in a gay environment since my early twenties, so it was really weird entering the ship and be surrounded by hundreds of other Lesbians. 
Not to jump ahead with my trip recap, but we now know why people keep going on these trips several times a year. Although the location was absolutely amazing and a once in a lifetime experience, you don't go for the location, you go for the people. We met so many amazing couples and loved spending a week on the ship with them. 

Next up...Day 2 and our first stop on another perfect island! Stay tuned!


  1. I love reading about your amazing adventures and look forward to hearing about the rest of your incredible trip!

  2. Love seeing your pictures and reading your narrative! Glad that your first Olivia experience was so wonderful! You are right about the people on the cruise-- we spend so many hours on the ship, it is wonderful to share them with people who are like us. This is why every time we think about taking a non– Olivia cruise we end up booking an Olivia one!

  3. 1) WOW!!!
    2) Another Baby? Not sure about your plans in terms of timing but would be fun if we were pregnant around the same time again :)
    3) Katie looks great? Has she lost weight?
    4) WOW again, beautiful scenery and I'm very jealous...a trip to the supermarket on my own is exciting right now ;-)

    1. No plans for another pregnancy until next Spring...but yes, it would be so fun to be pregnant again together! Any plans for you yet?
      Yes, she has lost over 50lbs this year and still going strong! She'll love that you noticed!
      Lastly...I STILL get excited for a solo trip to the supermarket, or better yet, Target! :)

  4. I'm loving all these posts and pics. Leslie and I had an amazing time but we knew we would because we had just done a Paul Gauguin 11 day cruise in November and couldn't wait to get back to French Polynesia. I'm glad to see you were able to use my over/under shots. I hope your camera and dome finally arrived. A few things I learned that may be of use to you when you get a chance to use yours...1) Always try to have the subject you want to shoot facing the sun or the water looks a little dark. 2) Make sure there are no water drops on the top half of the dome as they appear magnified and will ruin your pictures. I learned the best way to clean the top half of the dome was to lick it!!! Ewwww, but if it works I will definitely try it as I had a few awesome shots of under the water ruined by a water spot on the top :( Also, I, personally was not to impressed with taking video because the waves and view your seeing keeps changing so watching the video became a little annoying...that's just my opinion and perhaps, to account for the waves I could have used a GoPro Setting that shot a more vertical video. I hope this helps for your future pics. Cheers, Colleen Woods


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