September 19, 2016

Jeep Tour in Bora Bora

One of the tours we booked through the resort was a Jeep tour on the main land. The boat of the resort brought us to the island and from there we took a jeep up the mountain with this gorgeous view!

Evidently, we were completely unprepared with our shoe choice when our guide took us on a 30 minute hike over rocks. It was so hot and I was so out of shape, Katie thought I would pass out at any point.
We saw an old bunker and canons from World War 1 and learned about the history of Bora Bora. 

Our next stop was a little farm where they gave us some local fruit to eat and coconut water to drink!

The jeep went all the way through the jungle, up rocky and very steep mountains and the views were spectacular!

One thing I learned on this trip is that I'm extremely paranoid. Some might call it cautious and I'm not sure if that's a bad thing, but it totally messed with my mind. Let me paint you a picture:
There was only one other woman on this tour with us, along with the tour guide and his wife. The other woman gets dropped off at her hotel and the tour guide's wife gets dropped off somewhere else. So I'm thinking he will drop us off next, but instead he keeps on driving and pulls up into a small side alley and up the hill into the jungle. At this point I'm very confused about what's happening and my mind begins to spin all kinds of stories in my head that I shouldn't be thinking of. He finally pulls in on the side of the road (if you even want to call it that). There's nothing around, just trees. The tour guide says: "I'm going to show you a bunker now" and Katie whispers to me: "Get ready!", making me think, that she thinks the exact same thing that I'm thinking and it's not good. Here we are, in the middle of the jungle, two girls with no protection whatsoever, so I grab my bug spray out of my bag and stick it into my pants. You know, just in case...! What else was I going to do?
I was literally terrified, but it turned out, we actually went to see a bunker and nothing else. Whew! That's the unfortunate part of traveling with two women...we definitely need to come up with a better system than bug spray! Ha!
The tour was probably the least favorite thing of our trip, while the views were great, we both thought we should've done something else instead, but it was okay. The funny part was, that a couple of days later, we did an ATV tour and they brought us to the exact same places, which was another reason we thought we could've skipped this tour. 

If you made it this far, congratulations! We are almost done with our vacation wrap up and there's only one more post to come! :)


  1. Loved the recap!!! Same thing happened to Leslie and I in Tonga in November. We were with a huge man who told us he was a Pastor then brought us to a secluded part of the jungle, went to the back of the Jeep and pulled out a machete!!! He then proceeded to find a Pineapple and cut it up for us to eat. Turns out the field was owned by his family for generations. Also, as we later discovered, he truly was a Pastor!!! Someone's looking out for us trusting ladies!!!

  2. Just one more post??? Nooooo...I just love it!!!


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