September 24, 2016

Fox's First Day of School

A few days after we returned from our trip, Fox had his first day of preschool. Well, the first day would've actually been while we were gone, but I didn't want him to have to start school when we are gone and of course, I also didn't want to miss his first day of school. 

I mentioned it here before, I was SO nervous about him going to school. He is a little shy and he's never been anywhere without someone he knew. I was sure that it would be a few very hard weeks for all of us, that there would be a lot of tears and worry, but we knew that there wasn't another option and that it would be an amazing opportunity for him.

I'm sure you have seen these on Pinterest...I couldn't resist. The plan is to take a picture with him wearing this shirt until he graduates...ha! Or, until he refuses...I'm sure that will happen way before graduation! 

What a bittersweet moment to get my boy all ready for school. It was a little bit like the night before Christmas. 

We got some flowers for his teachers, complete with a "Fox" ribbon and "Thank you for helping me grow" tag.

And then it was time. A quick picture before school and we were on our way!

We walked in, were greeted by his teachers and he went off to play.
That was it. No tears, no boo boo lip, no begging us to stay. 
Say what? Who is this kid?

Of course I was THAT mom, who emailed the director after two hours asking how it was going...ha. She assured me he was having fun and even sent me some pictures!
One thing I really like about his school is, that every day, they are sending an email to all the parents with pictures of what the kids did and a re-cap of their day together. I really look forward to this email every day, because it's impossible to get any information out of him and it's even better to see how much he is having fun there. 

We picked him up at 12:30pm and he was excited to see us! We told him all along that there would be a surprise at home after his first day of school, his very first "Schultuete". You can read about the tradition HERE!
I can't get over this face, look how excited he was for his surprise! And yes, he did have an outfit change, because he had a little accident at school. 

So sweet!

The "Schultuete" was filled with some toys from the dollar store: Stickers, a small calculator (that he calls his computer), his first pair of kids safety scissors, some small trucks and cars, a coloring book, flash cards, etc. He was so happy!

I was so relieved that the day went so well and was incredibly proud of this little dude. It's been a couple of weeks since and while he only goes two mornings a week right now, it has been awesome ever since. The other day I picked him up and he started crying, because he wanted to stay there. 
Hopefully he will continue to love school! 

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  1. Emilia has started preschool two weeks ago(also two mornings a week) and I expected a few tough goodbyes as she has never been without me or my partner...however, on her first session she was completely fine and after the second session she cried, saying she didn't want to go home yet! All that worry for nothing.


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