July 12, 2017

Germany | Day 2

My Mom had been dying to take Fox to the toy store and let him pick out anything he wanted, of course, he was all about it. 
And when you randomly meet your cousin who you went to school with for 10 years in said toy store, you snap a picture between the aisles. Ha! Love that about small town living!

We went to another playground afterwards to blow off some energy.

That night, my uncle celebrated his 50th Birthday and the entire family was there.
My sweet grandma's health has really declined since the last time I've seen her and I was so happy I got another opportunity to be with her. Because when you live this far away, every visit could be the last time you see someone...it's hard.

Fox was really shy when we got there and it must have been very overwhelming for him. I took him a little further away from everyone and we sat on our own table with my mom, so he could adjust.
Until my mom found an old wheel barrel which saved the day and we all had to take turns running him around the lawn in it.
So much fun!

Love this girl! My cousin Daniela and I were born six months apart and grew up together. I always enjoy seeing her during my visits and catch up and I wish we could've had more time together on this trip.
Fox and I left early (well, it was after 10pm - so early for his sleeping standards in Germany...haha) and when we drove away he got really upset that Oma Karin wasn't coming home with us, because he wanted to play with her. Of course, the next morning "50 first dates" continued and he acted like he had no idea how much fun they had before...ha!

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