July 31, 2017

Old friends

On this day, we met one of my college friends and two of her kids at the same park we had been to the day before. The last time I had seen her was in 2012 when we first started trying to have a baby and she only had one child back then, so it was awesome to see each other again, but this time with a lot more kids than before!
These two boys are about four months apart and we both tried for such a long time to have these kids via IUI and then eventually IVF (for me) and they are both little miracles. They got along so well and I loved seeing them play together.

Seriously the best kids place ever! They all played in these airplanes for over an hour, which gave us some time to catch up!

I seriously can't believe that we met 15 years ago and here we are, with 4 kids between us (obviously I have some catching up to do in the kid department...haha). 
It was seriously such a fun day catching up and we both wished that we lived closer to make this happen more often! Until next time...

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