July 01, 2017

Fox's Third Birthday Party

Fox's Birthday Party was originally planned for the beginning of May. Unfortunately he got sick a few days prior to it, so we had to cancel the party and find a new party location. We had put a deposit on a farm and were excited to celebrate there, but the weather was getting too hot and it wouldn't have been possible to host an outdoor party at the end of May anymore. While we discussed many alternative indoor locations, after calling them, we had to eliminate most of them, because they wouldn't allow us to bring our own food. With Fox's food allergies, it wasn't an option for us to order pizza through the facility, it was his party after all and we wanted to make sure he could eat anything he wanted that day. 
We finally settled on Gymboree Music and Play and knew Fox would love it, since he had taken classes there for a couple of years and just celebrated another birthday party there that he was still talking about.
The theme he chose was "PJ Masks" and my mother in law made this beautiful cake! Funny side note regarding the theme: I like to start planning Fox's parties in February. I figured he wouldn't have an opinion regarding the theme, as long as it was at a place he loved and there was cake, so since we were planning to host it at the farm, I decided we would do a farm theme. I talked to him about it, showed him pictures of ideas I had and he seemed great with it. So I designed, printed and addressed invitations, designed a birthday chalkboard, printed and cut thank you tags and decorations. And then one day, he kept talking about the PJ Masks birthday party he was going to have, not just once, but pretty much several times a week. So there was nothing left to do than to throw away everything I had already made and start over. Ha! Note to self: Three year olds do have strong opinions!

As always, we had our photographer at the party to document the day and I probably say this every year, but it's seriously the best investment about the entire party. I don't have to stress about taking pictures and she captures so many great moments. So get ready and settle in, because this is going to be a long one! (She sent me over 350 pictures, so this is already the condensed version...ha!)
"Guestbook" Sign

We bought "PJ Masks" Masks for all the kids and I kind of had my doubts that the kids would not wear them, but a lot did, and even now, a month later, we still get messages from our friends that their kids are still playing with them. 

We also got matching family shirts and Fox decided who each of us should be. (If you never watched the Show, the phrases on the shirts won't mean anything to you ;))

My mother in law also made cupcakes for everyone and a special vegan cake for Fox.

Here comes the birthday boy!

Looking at these pictures seriously gives me so much joy. This kid had so much fun and changing locations turned out to be such a blessing because he couldn't have loved it more.

One of his favorite people: Aunt Ashie

The teacher customized the party to his theme and seriously did such an amazing job. You could tell he loved his job and he had such a great energy, I think all the moms loved him. Katie still talks about him and how awesome he made the party. She claims this was her very favorite party yet!

I mean, look at this face!

This is Fox's friend Matthew. He just completed a year of Chemo and we were so happy he could celebrate with us and to see him so happy!


Fox wasn't impressed, but I loved this little hug his friend Scarlett gave him!

It was such a great day and we all had a blast. Fox already decided on his theme for his next birthday, but this time,  I better play it safe and ask him again a month prior! :)

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  1. It looks like Fox had an absolute blast! The masks and cake look great! #luckyboy


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