July 05, 2017

Euro Disney

Euro Disney is about five hours from my family's home (by car), so when my mom heard that we were going to take Fox there, she and my brother decided to join us for the day. I hadn't seen them in two years, so I was really excited to spend the day with them.

I've been to Euro Disney twice before, but the last time was about 15 years ago and I didn't remember much about it.

Fox had been to the Haunted Mansion in California before and was fine, so we wanted to take him to this one as well, but at the last minute he didn't want to do it, so Katie went with my brother. Good thing he changed his mind because Katie said it was much scarier than the one we know and wouldn't have been good for him.

This must have been my mom's favorite moment of the day, when Fox asked her to hold hands.

It was super crowded and we probably only rode five attractions in total. I think we were in line for the Dumbo ride for 1.5 hours, it was crazy.

A boy and his mommy!

Fox loved this ride because he thought he was really driving the car. 

Katie and I really love the parades at Disney and were excited to have Fox see it, but then this happened...!
Jet Lag hit hard and he was passed out in the stroller. We tried to wake him, but he was in such a deep sleep, there was no chance.

After an hour power nap, he was good to go...kind of!

We all had a great day and I'm so happy my mom got to experience Disney with Fox!

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