November 21, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 45

Day 309
Airplanes all day, every day!

Day 310
I took Fox to a free Home Depot kids workshop and we built a helicopter together. Well, I built it, he painted it...ha!

Day 311
Fox's school had its fall festival and they had a fire truck there where the kids could sit in. Fox was in heaven!

Day 312
Sand Play at the Children's Museum

Day 313
I'd vote for this guy right here any day!

Day 314
I was setting up for Bunco Night at our house and Fox was trying out my wig...can you guess the theme?

Day 315
Granny Bunco Night! It was so much fun and I was super impressed by everyone's outfits! One girl showed up with a walker, I loved it!

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