November 09, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 43

Day 295
I usually never get to take Fox to the Children's Museum because they close at 4pm, but on this day they stayed open for members only until 7pm. It was so much fun, because usually it is super crowded (probably because I only get to go on weekends and this was a week day), but it was pretty much empty! 

Day 296
There was an event in our town called "Touch a Truck", where they had so many trucks and other vehicles for the kids to sit on. It was so hot, but Fox had a blast and was so good waiting in the long lines. The highlight for both of us was seeing the helicopter take off up close!

Day 297
Do you ever see these Ride on Animals at the Mall? This was Fox's first time trying it out and his face says it all!

Day 298
Aquarium Day with Hannah, they are both trying to make a fish face...ha!

Day 299
Fox's great grandparents and Uncle came over for dinner and Fox had to show them his favorite library book!

Day 300
Lost in a Corn Maze at the Pumpkin Patch!

Day 301
I took Katie to a Garbage Concert, it's one of her favorite bands. We got the total hook up through work, back stage access, front row seats and Katie even got a T-Shirt. She loved it!

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