November 08, 2016

New Youtube Channel!

You all have probably noticed that when Fox grows up, he won’t lack on having childhood pictures of himself. My friends often joke that he is the most photographed child in the world and although I’ve been trying to scale back on photos (it was so much easier when he was little and couldn’t run away…ha), that is probably still true.
While he has tens of thousands of pictures of him, Katie and I are trying to do a better job of taking videos of him. And by videos I mean more than those 10 second clips we capture on our phones. 

I remember three years ago, before I got pregnant, I thought it would be so cool to document our IVF process, the pregnancy and of course, Fox as a newborn. But the idea intimidated me, I didn’t feel comfortable in front of a camera, I had no idea how to edit videos and the whole idea was just daunting. So I didn’t. And now I regret it. That’s how it always goes, right?

While I still don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera and have very limited editing skills, I feel like having these videos in the end is worth overcoming these obstacles. 

So that’s what I’m going to do. I want to document our family and life in more than just pictures, because when I’m old and grey (more than I am already…ha), I know I will love being able to look back at these and see two year old Fox running around.
And I will probably cry and wish to go back in time and spend one more day with this crazy, sweet and adorable toddler who keeps us on our toes!

I know I have lots to learn, I know we are not perfect, but this is us.
If you want to follow along, please subscribe to our new YouTube Channel where we will post our videos. I literally just started this last weekend, so we only have one video so far (A Day in the Life of Fox), but we will post more in the future. 
Here’s the link to our channel:

Have a great day everyone!


  1. subscribed. I actually started a 'day in the life' many times but never finished it. We don't have many pictures of Emilia and even less videos, I really have to try harder to document her life for her and us

  2. Can't wait to subscribe! Growing up my dad purchased a video camcorder and took endless videos of our family, which I love watching to this day! I'm sure Fox will really enjoy watching his baby videos when he's older too! You should also check out Vimeo. That's what we use and absolutely love it! :)


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