November 30, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 46

Day 316
Fox had been coughing for two weeks, so we took him to the doctor a few times to get him checked out. On this day, he was making funny faces with our wonderful pediatrician. He was prescribed some steroids and breathing treatments, but was all cleared to go on our vacation the next day.

Day 317
Shoutout to Southwest Airlines who made all of Fox's dreams come true! I didn't think they let anyone in the cockpit anymore, but when we walked into the airplane, they invited him in and he got to sit with the pilot and push all the buttons. So awesome! 

Day 318
"No pictures please!" Waiting for the water show to start on the cruise ship!

Day 319
This pool was FREEZING cold, but Fox was just laughing and screaming with joy the entire time!

Day 320
Welcome to Haiti!

Day 321
Life is tough when you're two years old (on the beach in Jamaica)!

Day 322
Beautiful sunset view from our balcony!

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