October 20, 2016

Fair Fun

Every year, we visit the Arizona State Fair. We are lucky enough to get free admission, since we work with the facility, but this year they really hooked us up! 

First, we went to visit the Monster Trucks and got a behind the scenes tour. 

Fox and I even got to sit in one and it made his entire day!

Next, Hannah, Katie and Fox all got to drive on one of their trucks!

I'm not sure who was the most excited, but they were all beaming when they were finished!

The event coordinator we work with gave us an envelope with some ride tickets for Fox and when we opened it, there were like 60+ tickets in there! The fair is crazy expensive, I think it was like $3.50 per kids ride and in most cases, the adult had to pay too, because Fox wasn't allowed on every ride by himself. We were so grateful for these tickets and Fox had a blast!
We slid down this giant slide about three times, until we got too tired to keep walking up the steep ramp each time!

This was his first ride all by himself. He was so happy and smiled and waived and my Mama heart just bursted with happiness. It was one of those moments that get you all choked up. 
We watched the Monster Truck Show afterwards and Fox made it about ten minutes, until he wanted to go back to the rides.
He had no fear whatsoever and even rode his first kids rollercoaster!
We had an awesome night and have been back to the fair two more times since and we probably go a couple of more times before they close at the end of the month. Every time we ask Fox what he wants to do, he always answers with either "Go to Disneyland" or "Go to the Fair!"...I guess it's is happy place!

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