January 01, 2016

Christmas 2015

We had a great Christmas! I would even go as far as stating that this one was the best yet. I just loved experiencing all these new experiences with Fox and seeing him getting excited about Santa.
But this here? This is the best. I know I sound like a broken record, but man, how I have dreamed for years and years to have more than two stockings hanging on my fire place! Some days it's still blowing my mind that this is my life! 

This was our first Christmas Tree, when we used to live in our one bedroom apartment, back in California. I remember the day I bought it for $30 at Walmart. It has been serving our little family well for years, until we upgraded to a bigger tree a couple of years ago. Now, this one is having a new home in our dining room, holding all of the precious Christmas Cards we get from Family and Friends over the Season. 

Katie hates this Christmas Village. I absolutely love it. Well, I actually hate setting it up and taking it down, because I swear, every time I do, I break something and it takes forever, but I still love it. 

I didn't take pictures of all of our Christmas decorations this year. We are slowly coming to the point where it's time to stop and even give some stuff away, if you can believe it. Too much clutter! 

Me and my favorite boy!

Christmas Eve we all went to Katie's mom's house, even Katie's other side of her family (her dad and stepmom, brother and his girlfriend), joined us there. 
Look at that little smile!

Fox got a tricycle from Grandma!

This picture portraits Fox's relationship to his Grandpa perfectly. They always have so much fun!

Fox's great grandma loves to sneak M&M's to him, he already knows that GG always has a treat!

Rene's is showing the kids the Santa Tracker on her laptop, to show them where Santa is currently located!

One of my favorite parts of Christmas Eve are the luminaries our neighborhood puts out, it looks so awesome!

Our house on Christmas Eve

After we got home, it was time to put out some cookies and milk for Santa. I was totally slacking this year and didn't bake any cookies and even forgot the carrots for the reindeer, so Oreos it was! 

This moment right here, this was everything to me! Reading the Night before Christmas to my own son got me all teary eyed and emotional. How did I get this lucky?

The next morning, we opened a couple of presents with Fox before the rest of the family joined us at our house. We didn't go crazy on presents, because for one, our house is already bursting at the seams from all the toys we do have (time to clean out the toy room!) and second, with 10 grandparents and a couple of honorary grandparents, we knew Fox would not lack in getting spoiled. 

There is an app (I believe it's called Kringle) where you take a picture of your living room and they put a video of Santa in your house over it. It's actually really cool. We showed it to Fox that morning and he loved it! We probably watched it 423 times that morning. 

My favorite ornament this year came from Mr. Fox. We colored these clay ornaments for all of our family members (and us) and he proudly told each and every one of them that he colored those, when they opened his gifts.

Katie's family joined us around 10am for breakfast!

Honestly, Fox was only interested in opening his first gift and playing with it. I'm sure next year will be a whole new ballgame around here!

I have the best wife! Katie surprised me with a trip to Harry Potter World in Orlando in March! We always wanted to go, but I didn't think this would happen until many years from now.
She gave me this new Harry Potter Book...have you all seen these? They are the original books, but now fully illustrated and really cool! Inside the book, she had a ticket for the Hogwarts Express that she had custom made on Etsy, telling me all about the trip! So thoughtful and sweet!
I'm super excited to go!

Fox's favorite gift came in form of a bubble machine from Aunt Ashlie!

We had such a great time with Family! 

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  1. I too have a love hate relationship with our Tree Lot... It's my favorite Christmas decoration but with 6 mini tress that all have their own mini ornaments and putting it all together takes about 2 hours, it can be exhausting! I think we would both be sad if we didn't put things like this up though, hehe! It looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas! The Harry Potter gift from your wife is beyond amazing and I loved the ornament that Fox decorated. So cute!


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