December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

 This was the first year, Katie and I hosted Christmas at our house. Katie has three families, so it's impossible to get everyone together, but we managed to get two out of the three over on Christmas Eve.
We had Christmas Eve off, so we started our day by going to church, just us three, before everyone came over. 
Here's Mr. Fox, looking all cute, as usual! Love this kid!






Our fireplace literally got finished a few days before Christmas, so we still have to figure out how to decorate it for the coming years, but it made me so happy to finally see our stockings up.

Katie's sister Ashlie, her boyfriend Brad and Fox.





Grandma Sandie

This cracker was Fox's Christmas dinner (along with some Breastmilk)...haha. This boy does not like food, the only thing he voluntarily puts in his mouth are these crackers and bananas. We're still trying and I hope it will get better soon. 






Aunt Ashlie read "The Night before Christmas" to Fox before bedtime. 

We really love our neighborhood! One of the reasons we love it, is that some of our neighbors put up luminaries around the entire neighborhood, in front of every single house, along every single street, on Christmas Eve.The entire block is lit up with these and it looks so pretty!

Fox was already asleep when we took this picture.


We literally ate dinner at 11pm that night, because the prime rib took so dang long. Everyone was exhausted!

 After everyone left, Fox woke up and was wide awake, so we took him out in the living room and snapped some selfies in front of the tree. He was so sweet and cuddly and went right back to sleep after a few minutes up.

Christmas morning started with a family breakfast and Santa pancakes. 


Brett was too tired to open presents...ha!


It seemed like Fox really loved all the presents he received from his grandparents. Katie and I decided not to get him anything this year, because frankly, the kid has everything he needs and more and we knew, that between four sets of grandparents, plus great grandparents, he would be spoiled rotten. 

He was so excited to rip all the wrapping paper. 


Obviously, everything underwent a taste test first. 





 Best stocking stuffer ever!

We hope you all had a great Christmas as well!
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