January 10, 2016

Fox's first Haircut!

Our family kept telling us that Fox needed a hair cut for a long time, but we just weren't ready. It took so long for him to finally grow some hair and there was no way we were cutting his sweet little curls.
But when people started calling him a girl and his hair was untamable, we knew it was time. 
Look at that crazy hair! 

The salon was recommended to us by multiple friends who had taken their kids there and it did not disappoint! 

Aunt Ashlie had prepared him for his first hair cut and showed him what they were going to do, so when we got there he did exactly what she had shown him (pretend cut his hair with his fingers and making a weird squeaky sound) and asked "Aunt Ash?" 

He was very suspicious about what was going on, but did very well overall. 

Proudly showing off his new hair cut! He looks so much bigger now! 
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  1. Oh my goodness! Cutest haircut ever! He looks like such a gentleman. :)


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