January 27, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 2

Day 8
Picking up our new Au Pair Hannah from the airport!

Day 9
We celebrated London's second birthday! Fox doesn't get cupcakes very often, but he dove right in!

Day 10
Fox was on nap strike that day, but eventually passed out in the car on our way back from the Zoo. I enjoyed some extra snuggles before we had to wake him up. These moments are rare, so I soaked in every second of this!

Day 11
Fox's friend Grayson came over to try out Fox's new jump house. These boys had so much fun and jumped and giggled their little hearts out! 

Day 12
An Afternoon at the Aquarium with Mama, Aunt Ash and Hannah. 

Day 13
Hannah took Fox to the Zoo, while we were at work. It was chilly that morning! 

Day 14
We had Show Week, so we had to call in extra reinforcements and Grandma and Grandpa took Fox for the day. Nothing makes me happier than getting pictures of my boy having fun during the day, while I'm at work! Show Weeks are hard with long hours and no time off, but it makes it so much easier to know that Fox is taken care of! 

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  1. And??? How is Hannah? Do you guys like her?

    1. So far, so good. Fox loves her and we like her a lot. I guess I am jaded from our last experience, because our last au pair was great too until he showed his true colors after a while…I’m just feeling very cautious. So only time will tell! In the end, no one will take care of your baby like you would, right? :) He’s learning a lot of german too, which I love!


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