July 18, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 26

Day 176
I always see these ideas on pinterest and I never in a million years thought that Fox would like doing this, but one morning I needed a few minutes to pack up our kitchen, so I grabbed a water bottle and some pom poms from my craft closet and boom...20 minutes of uninterrupted packing time!

Day 177
We took Fox to his first movie in the Theater...Finding Dory. After 15 minutes, he sighed and said "Let's go home!" so that's what we did. We'll try again in a year or so! :)

Day 178
Music Class

Day 179
This was the last day I would ever see our kitchen before the demolition team came in, so this is my "Before" Picture. I'm a little (okay, a lot) behind on these daily picture posts, so it's been three weeks since this picture and unfortunately, we are still super far away from finishing....but that is a story for another day!

Day 180
Day 1 of our Kitchen Remodel. I figured, I would do a picture a day to record the progress...little did I know that after day 4, nothing would happen for a loooong time that was picture worthy. Who would've known that electrical work takes so long? But on this day, I was still excited and hopeful about the progress! 

Day 181
Fox doesn't have any fun while we are at work...haha!

Day 182
This kid is so silly. He is also such a boy. He loves silly faces and cracks up every time he burps or farts. I can only imagine the gross things that will come my way as he grows older! 

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