July 25, 2016

Hannah and Fox

I'm super late posting these, but they are too cute to not share.
Last month, our au pair Hannah reminded me that her 6 month anniversary  with us is coming up on the 4th of July and asked me if I would take some patriotic pictures with her and Fox. 
I seriously can't believe it has been six months already, on the other hand it feels like she's been with us for so much longer.
While she was getting ready, I took the opportunity to sneak some pictures of Mr. Fox, who was very excited about playing in the teepee. 

How cool is this kid?

I really, really love how these turned out. It shows their sweet and silly relationship perfectly. 
Fox loves Hannah (how could he not?) and some days after I come home from work, he asks to continue to play with Hannah instead of me...haha. 

She seriously has been the greatest blessing to our family and we tell her all the time that she holds our family together. 


We asked her to stay another year with us after her year is over in January, but she hasn't made a decision yet. If she wants to go home (which we would completely understand), Fox would go to preschool five mornings a week instead of just two, if she stayed.

Such a sweet bond they share, I'm already sad for Fox when she leaves (whenever that may be)! 


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  1. I am happy and relieved that Hannah is such a great addition to your family and that Fox is in good hands. You deserve this after what happened before. Beautiful pictures!


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