July 27, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 29

Day 197
Being 2 is tough. Especially when it's 5:30 in the morning and you realize it's already light out...yep, that's right, major meltdown because it wasn't dark outside. Haha. 

Day 198
Another Home Show Weekend at Work!

Day 199
Fox came to visit us at the Show and I had to take his picture by the giant 2 at the entrance. Good thing they also have a number 3 for when he turns 3 next year! :)

Day 200
Fox and I rode our bicycles to Jamba Juice. Well, I rode, while he was in the backseat, warning every car: "Watch out cars, I'm coming! Wheee...this is so fun!" 

Day 201
Hannah took Fox to a Meet and Greet with his idols! She said he was blown away!

Day 202
When 7am is the only acceptable time to spend outside. 

Day 203
I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but Fox didn't like his group swim lessons, so we recently switched him to another swim school and enrolled him in semi-private lessons (2 kids on one teacher). This was his first experience to do something completely by himself, any other activities we ever done with him included one of us or Hannah. 
So for the last two weeks, we brought him to "Coach Joe" twice a week for a 30 minute lesson and I don't know who was more distressed, Fox screaming his head off for 30 minutes straight or me having to watch him. His first lesson, he actually just screamed "I want Mama", for his second and third lesson, he tried a different strategy and screamed "I need to take a nap" and "I need to go poo-poo". Smart kid...I would've laughed if it wasn't so heart wrenching to see him be so upset.
Living in Arizona, where there is a pool in practically every backyard and some of them not fenced, it was very important to both Katie and I, that he learned how to swim at an early age. The thought of him drowning is always on my mind and one of my biggest fears. But seeing him struggle so much, we seriously second guessed our decision and were wondering if he might be too young for this and if we would traumatize him for life. 
And then his fourth lesson came and he started crying the minute we put on his bathing suit at home, telling us he didn't want to go and he wants to take a nap. He cried all the way there until we handed him over to Coach Joe and all of the sudden he stopped. He laughed, he took instructions, he went under water and he even floated by himself, as you can see on the video. It was like night and day.
I really hope it stays this way and that he will enjoy his lessons. It's been a few days since and he has repeatedly told us that he does not want to go to Coach Joe's pool. Oh boy! His next lesson is tomorrow, so hopefully we are surprised again!

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  1. omg I'm taking my 18mo old to mommy and me swimming lessons right now and she cries THE WHOLE TIME! But we live in northern CA and it is hot as heck and there are pools everywhere and I want her to learn to swim! I'm just hoping its a little better next year when she's 2.5! This gives me hope :)


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