July 22, 2016

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2016: Week 28

Day 190
I can see a glimpse of my tiny baby here! This is how he looks at 5am...I'm ready for fall to come and him to sleep longer again! 

Day 191
Fox had a blast at Jake's Second Birthday Party! It was held at Gymboree where he has classes every week, so he was super comfortable there and showing off his skills! ;)

So grateful for all these ladies and their babies in our lives!

Day 192
Hannah built Fox an airplane and it has been his favorite toy ever since!

Day 193
Dinner at Katie's grandma's house! We are still without a kitchen, so it was nice to get a real meal that didn't come out of a toaster oven!

Day 194
Jamba Juice is our favorite!

Day 195
Another day at the trampoline park. He said "Take my picture Mama!"...how can I say no to that?

Day 196
I'm ready to see some real progress in this kitchen!

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