July 03, 2016

The Windy City

A few weeks ago, Katie, Ashlie and I flew to Chicago for a long weekend. 
The only reason for this trip was the Dixie Chicks Concert. They were playing in Phoenix as well, but it was during our Home Show, which makes it impossible to take any time off work, so we looked what other cities they were playing in, and since I always wanted to visit Chicago, that's where we chose for our Girls Trip!

It was nice to get out of the heat, but man, it was freezing there! Freezing, Windy and Rainy!

On our first day there, we met with one of our Half-Sibling Families for Brunch, they are going to have their baby in a couple of months (Fox's Half-Brother), so we took the opportunity to get to know them since they live in Chicago and we had a lot of fun.

After brunch, we did a double-decker bus tour!

I absolutely loved Chicago, the big city feel, the river, the lakes. I did not like the weather though, I was so cold! 
That first night, we also took a "haunted bus tour" which was one of the most ridiculous things we've ever done. Katie loves haunted tours, but even she admitted that this one was bad! The guy telling the stories kept contradicting himself in his lies and at one point, it was so bad, that I called him out on it, to which he told the entire bus that obviously we needed to do our own research to his stories. 

The next day started off sunny and much nicer, which was great, because we had a kayaking tour booked!

I think this was Katie's favorite part of the trip...until she drowned her brand new go-pro in the Chicago River, including all of our memories from the trip.

After the kayaking tour, we had lunch at Bub City. I went to the restroom and when I walked in, I saw this!
I was so shocked, I immediately went out, checking and double-checking the sign on the door. I was so confused, until I took another peek and realized it was a mannequin!

After lunch we walked over to a tower to get a view of the city. I think it was Sears tower?
Anyway, it was gorgeous and I could've stayed up there for hours!

But soon enough, it was time for my highlight of the trip the Dixie Chicks Concert! I wanted to see them for about 10 years, when I first discovered them, but this was their first concert in forever and they did not disappoint!

It was seriously so fun and I wish I could see them again!

We had such a great time and we are hoping to make this an annual girls trip (to different cities each time)!

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