December 02, 2015

Fox, Katie & Nadine in 2015: Week 45

Day 309
Another day at Grandma's House, this boy loves his blueberries!

Day 310
...and Sandwiches apparently! 

Day 311
Family Day at the Train Park

Day 312
Fox's first time at Baskin Robbins. Can you tell he loved it? Katie always dreamed of taking Fox for ice-cream and they had a great time

Day 313
Getting a car wash with Mama

Day 314
Grandpa Rodney came over for dinner! We received this awesome piano from Katie's mom and Fox loves playing on it. I really want to take lessons, but haven't found a teacher yet, 

Day 315
He might not be able to say Mommy (he can say Mama though), but this kid sure knows how to say "Santa".
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