December 16, 2015

Family Pictures

In early November, our photographer took our Family Pictures. I truly dread taking Family Pictures, it is so much work. From finding a location, to outfits and props, getting ready and the stress of getting Fox to's not a fun experience for me. But I love having these pictures, so of course, it's all worth it in the end. 
We had the hardest time coming up with a location. Katie wanted to do it in the studio, I wanted to do it outside. I wanted to go to a park, she did not. Ideally, I wanted to take picture in the woods or snow, but we have neither in Phoenix, so that was out. When my friend showed me pictures on a pecan grove that she took pictures at, I was in love and so happy when Katie loved it as well. Unfortunately, our photographer was not willing to drive there (it's an hour from her house) and we weren't able to switch photographers, because 1 - it was too short notice and 2 - we did a trade out with our photographer and didn't have to pay for the pictures (we traded our photography backdrop we bought for Fox's first birthday party!). 
We ended up in the desert, and we both didn't like the location, but it is what it is. Maybe next year we'll spend a week up north to take pictures in the snow/woods! 

This ended up being our Christmas Card Cover Picture. I spray painted our Cozy Coupe for this shot and bought a wreath and small tree to decorate it. It was a lot of work spray painting it, but it looks so much better than it did before and it was worth it for the shot! 

While this are not my favorite pictures we've done, I'm glad we have the memories of our family at this time in our lives. I love these two with all my heart!
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