December 05, 2015

Playdate at the Park

This week, Fox and I met some of our friends at the park to paint ornaments and play!
I thought this would turn out as a total disaster, but he was really interested in painting and did a great job, meaning he didn't paint anything he wasn't supposed to paint. I was sure he would lose interest after two minutes tops, but he stayed engaged for 10 minutes, which is unheard of. 

I love these ladies and their sweet babies! 

After we were done painting, the kids had a blast on the playground. They are still at that age where they don't really play WITH each other and more next to each other, I can't wait for that to change and to see him interact and have conversations with other children. 

Lately, Fox is obsessed with swinging. He belly laughs and does not want to come out! He would stay in there for an hour if I let him! 

All the "babies" minus one, who was too cool to sit with the other kids! ;) I can't believe how big they are all getting, they were itty bitty when I first met them and now they are full fledged toddlers! 

We had a really fun afternoon and I'm glad we got to meet our friends, because a day later Fox came down with a cold, which has kept us housebound for the last few days! 
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